Wedding Shoes Shopping Tips for Brides-to-Be

by Anchal Bhatia

We all know that the wedding dress steals the spotlight, but we can’t overlook the essential factor to complete the look-the wedding shoes!

Wedding shoes

Image credit: Charles Thompson

Many brides think that with the long wedding dress the shoes wouldn’t be of any significance, but think again! Many wedding pictures not only include but also showcase the bride’s shoes. High slits and short dresses being in fashion, another reason adds up to find wonderful shoes for your big day. While you may think that buying shoes for your nuptials would be easy, here are few things to consider.

Match it up with Your Dress

Buy your shoes only after you have selected your wedding dress. This will help you to pick up shoes that will complement your wedding outfit. Additionally, keep in mind the time required for fittings and alterations if any. It’s always good to keep some buffer time in case the size is unavailable or require customization. But, be sure to have your shoes in place before the final fittings.

Happy Feet

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for your wedding shoes is the comfort. Remember, you will walk down the aisle, greet guests, pose for photographs, cut the cake, and, possibly dance in your bridal shoes. This could add up to hours on your feet. So, lay stress on the sole and ensure maximum comfort level.


Just like the overall comfort, the heel of your wedding shoes is extremely important. While a comfortable heel is essential, the hem of your outfit will be determined by your heel height. If you are not comfortable in high heels, your D-day may not be an ideal time to experiment. One stumble or ankle twist is enough to ruin your big day. Apart from many other things, you must consider the height of your groom before choosing your heels. For many, high heels may be very tempting, but if it makes you look taller than your groom, they may not be a perfect choice.

Weather and Location

Many brides do not consider the season and location when buying wedding shoes. But, in extreme winters, slip-ons or slingbacks perhaps would be the last thing you would want to walk around in. As your feet can get very cold, a shoe with some coverage should be ideal. Similarly, for an outdoor or a garden wedding, wedges instead of stilettos would work well.

Your Style

Wedding shoes personal style

Image credit: Tony Alter

While your shoes should complement your outfit and the theme of your wedding, they should also reflect your taste and personal style. A bride who is romantic at heart would probably pick a pair of lacy white bridal shoes, whereas, a trendy, funky bride might consider shoes with chunky heels. Whatever you may choose, remember, matching is important, but individuality is a must!

For sure, the above-mentioned tips would help you find the perfect wedding shoes. However, keep the odds in your favor, and don’t forget to carry a second pair of shoes to the venue. Just like the outdoor weddings, your shoes need a backup plan too.

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