5 Essential Wedding Registry Tips

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

With your wedding bells set to ring soon, there are tons of aspects to be handled. Among the trickiest and most worthwhile of these is the wedding registry bit. It is not every sunny day that you kith and kin shower you with gifts of your choice. Therefore, keep these wedding registry tips in mind to make the best of these lucky bits that your wedding entails.

Essential wedding registry tips

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Begin with Basics

Do not expect each guest to have a sky high budget. You might be registering for stuff that you love but it could be heavy on the pockets for someone else. Carefully register for the essential living room and kitchen ware items first as your new space will be thirsty for them. Make sure you avoid registering for specialized ware such as ice cream freezer or commercial style refrigerators. Keeping it basic works!

Pick the Right Store

With hundreds of online stores out there to flatter your tastes, it is suggested you go the traditional brick and motor way. That way, both you and your guests get a peek into the items in real before you seal them. Interestingly, some online stores have a check and buy service too. You might have to rummage around but never pick a store for registering your wedding gifts without a thorough check. We recommend Creating a wedding registry at MyRegistry.com

D For Discounts

You may have to ask the store keeper but you are sure to land great bargains on major buys. Alternatively, you may ask for discount coupons that may be redeemed over the next six months or so. This is one huge thing to bear in mind about your chosen wedding registry store.

Do Not Request for Cash

Not even cheques. It does not just sound too crass but also appears mean. After all your guests may have certain inhibitions about gifting cash or cheques.

Plan it Together

Perhaps this is the easiest thing to start planning together. While brides dominate wedding registry choices, making the groom feel involved will only ensure better compatibility. After all, a wedding is about a union, a marriage–more than mere celebration.

Remember that thank you notes, emails, messages count. Even today! Why not frame a tidy thanks message with a snap of the gift and send it over to the giver. This barely costs anything yet makes for a wonderful way to express your gratitude.

Reading through these golden tips might make wedding registry appear less of an ordeal and more of a cakewalk. After all gifts are always meant to make you smile- aren’t they?

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