Wedding Registry Ideas: 7 Things Couples Must Register For

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

While weddings have moved onto be more of choice rather than compulsion and rarely do couples walk down the aisle before they have had stable careers, one tradition from the bygone ages have stuck to marriage. Well, the wedding registry is one concept that we adore even in modern times. Amid all the hustle of matrimony and bustle of preparation, planning for the wedding registry could take a toll. The general notion among couples who are independent with fat salaries is that registry means access to heavy weight fancy products that they would generally want but not spend bucks on! Here is where they go wrong. Here is what you MUST register for without second thoughts.

Wedding registry ideas

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Wedding registry ideas:

Bake Ware

While you might own the best bake ware, remember that until now your main guests were buddies and closest family and your partner. Post marriage, you will have his friends and his colleagues or even more family to entertain. How would you bake in the stuff you had till date? Thus, bake ware is a must register for item that most couples skip!


Forget your own tiny crockery shelf in your shared flat. Marriage means more family time and gradually a family of your own. It is pragmatic to enlist China or any other dinnerware sets in your registry. An oft ignored choice, this is mandatory.

BBQ Sets

wedding registry ideas

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Why spend a bomb on a large barbeque set when you could simply have it as a gift. Make sure you enlist for a big one that is also easy to clean. The OTG or Oven barely rescues you at a patio party.

Hobby Gear

Weddings mean bliss and blessings. What is better is that these blessings can ring in via great gifts that you can use for your recreation. Enlist camping or fishing gear in your wedding registry and stop fretting over the question if this is too extravagant! Trust us, your dear ones will only be happy to gift something you genuinely adore!

Bedding Sets

Couples forget or shy away from registering for these. However, registering for at least 4 or 5 wedding sets is practical and helps you save your own cash for something more worthwhile.

Honeymoon Packages

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Some couples are smart now and instead of registering for utility items, they ask for pooled-in cash for their honeymoon instead. Instead of musing this over, go ahead and register for a honeymoon package. Of course, you can upgrade the package later with a little extra money!

Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

A much needed item that is relegated to the bottom of must have lists for home. While you can spend on your decor needs, ask your guests to get a cleaner to upkeep your lovely home.

After all, wedding registry gives you scope to get all those items that are functional!  One warranty that stands is you will not have to worry about setting up everything at home, post marriage. We recommend using these wedding registry ideas and creating it at

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