How to Overcome Wedding Planning Stress

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Stress busters are much welcome before marriage. When you have an elaborate wedding to plan and each bit seems awry, there is no better way than stumbling upon expert tips to keep yourself stress free before your wedding. Weddings need planning and careful execution yet each rule book advises to plan minus extra stress. Here are the top wedding planning tips that will stand you in good stead!

Wedding Planning Stress

Image credit: Madeleine Ball

Use these tips to overcome wedding planning stress:

Plan As A Couple

More often than not, you tend to take things up all by yourself. Perhaps, this is why you feel sucked off all energy as the days of your wedding march closer. Instead, involve your spouse-to-be on your shopping outings, cake tastings and wedding favor selection. Find the joy of arranging a wedding together besides feeling way more relaxed with your partner for company.

Getting Your Beauty Nap And Diet Right

When planning our wedding, we often undermine the need to sleep. The bride needs to be at her glowing best and thus, you need to catch up at least on 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day. We understand you have a lot going on but even sleeping in two breaks will work wonders. Make sure you have a healthy diet and lots of liquids to keep your skin from appearing dull. Get in touch with a dietician in case you cannot cut of the wrong foods and get the right chart prepared.

Take Some “Me” Time

A wedding might be the biggest stuff one ever plans in her lifetime but the bride does need a break. Make sure you spare some space for yourself wherein you are totally on your own. Try and relax without thinking of to-do lists, rehearsals and activities. One thing warranted is that 30-minutes off for yourself will only do you good. You can even go for a long ride or visit a fave spot to have your favorite brownie while musing over your plans for after the wedding. The idea is to rejuvenate–being composed and keeping to yourself a tiny span of time is healthy!

Above all, stop being obsessive. Yes, that is one mantra you need to remember always. Avoid ending up as Bride-zilla by fretting over being too perfect on all corners. No need to worry about how fresh the orchids are or whether your make up is well-coordinated. Your family and friends are there—and will take care to ensure everything goes ironed-smooth.

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