How to Wear High Heels Comfortably on Your Wedding Day

by Anchal Bhatia

For many brides, the perfect wedding day attire includes an elegant white gown and a great pair of high heels. But if you are donning a pair of stilettos for your big day, make sure to read these tips in order to carry them with style, grace, and minimal pain.

Wedding day high heels

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Limit the Heel

If you aren’t a high heel person, jumping straight away into a pair of 6-inch heels is definitely going to have you shambling by the end of the ceremony. So, be realistic with what you wear.

Test Drive

Your wedding day is not the day to break in your new heels especially, if you are not comfortable carrying them otherwise. So what is? “The supermarket”, Camilla Morton, the author of A Year in High Heels and How to Walk in High Heels quotes “Get a cart and go for a spin. As you stock up on groceries, use the cart for balance while your feet get used to the new high heel.”

Cushion Your Shoes

One you have bought your princess worthy high heels, wear them for an hour at home and see if you feel a bit of pain anywhere. If yes, address that area or else it will become very painful after few hours of wear. According to professionals, you mostly feel the pain on the ball of the foot, because that’s where the pressure gets distributed. Thus, it’s recommended to pad your heels with branded foot cushions.

Practice Yoga

On the weeks leading up to your big day, consider signing up for foot yoga classes. These sessions help you to keep your balance and wear those leg-lengtheners more safely. Experts say, the more aware you become of your core muscles, the better chances you have of staying stable.

Be Confident

Brides, there is no alternative for knowing that you look great in those pair of stilettos. Be confident, and don’t let the fear of stumbling keep you from wearing those dream high heels. If you are confident enough to buy them, you have already won have the battle!

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