Beautiful Ideas for Vintage Wedding Theme

by Anchal Bhatia

Vintage sounds in and hip. The thought of having any vintage stuff at home is something that dominates most minds. When it comes to your wedding, why not spunk it up by going in for a vintage one? Here are the best ideas to ensure that your vintage wedding comes through perfectly.

Vintage Theme

vintage wedding venue

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The easiest way to begin planning a vintage wedding is to book a venue with an old world feel. A Gothic or neo classical building fits the bill. Ensure that the interiors are done up delicately. Heavy antique chandeliers, deep colored carpets and low scale lighting are a must to bring the vintage theme to life.

Vintage Bridal Look

vintage wedding dress

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The good news here is that you get a mind-boggling variety available when you go in for vintage style. Choose to dress up for your D-Day inspired from “Gone With the Wind”. Your veil could be in brocade silk. Leave the gown white but add a touch of wild color to your peep toes and makeup. Accessorize with antique jewelry, taking care to not over deck yourself.

Vintage Wedding Cake

wedding cake

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We are pretty serious here. A vintage wedding needs a vintage cake. Get the fondant to cover your cake with a lace pattern. Your cake needs to be HUGE. Ensure that gold dominates the color part of your vintage cake. Interesting cake themes could be a Cupid cake or an antique clock cake.

Scroll Story

Wedding invitation

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Send out invites on scrolls. Better still hand-write them. You may even send out vintage invites on parchment style cards and get them delivered by your messenger for enhancing the vintage style. Another classy idea is to send your invites in form of a message in a bottle.

Keepsake Favors

Vintage wedding favors

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Another trend that is best done in vintage style, give your guest vintage glassware or small vintage style charms inscribed with a customized message. We love the idea of this antique key bottle opener. Not only will the idea be unique but will also floor your guests. You can also get some chocolates and wrap them up in vintage print gold wrapping embossed with a personal message.

A vintage wedding is a hit even as you rehearse it in your head. The only thing to bear in mind is to be very uptight and strict while planning them. Not only do they need hard work but careful and close involvement. However, all said and done a little hard work now ensures too many lovely vintage memories for ages to come.

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