5 Unique Wedding Venues to Consider

by Anchal Bhatia

If you are looking for something a bit more exciting than the usual banquet hall or garden wedding, these unique wedding venues will ensure that your big day is not forgotten quickly. From beaches and caves to castles and museums, take a look at these off beat places to tie the knot.

A Private Beach Wedding

Private beach unique wedding venues

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If you and your partner wish to exchange vows with sand between your toes and soothing ocean breeze, consider getting married on the beach– your own private beach that is! Believe it or not, its easier than you think to rent out a private beach. The idea is perfect for those who desire to have a small, intimate celebration and yet have a fat wallet, of course!

A Castle Wedding

Castles are unique wedding venues

Image via: bridalmusings.com

Do you dream of a fairytale wedding? Then book a castle as your wedding venue. No really. Just like private beaches, castles are actually quite easy to rent out for weddings. Check with your planner if there are any castles in your area that are regular wedding venues or go online and search one yourself.

Adventurous Cave Wedding

Caves are gorgeous and unique wedding venues

Image via: giqyhu.blogspot.in

We don’t often conjure the image of a bridal altar in a cave, yet, caverns have been hosting extraordinary weddings for generations.  Imagine walking down the red carpet into a stunning cave lit by hundreds of candles, surrounded by nature, friends, and family. Undoudebtly, it is a naturally romantic location to unite with the love of your life and photographers love the setting too!

At the Musuem

Museums a perfect as unique wedding venues

Image via: rocknrollbride.co

While art museums are always great, think beyond it. City museums, history museums, air and space museums, and even children’s museums can make for great unique wedding venues. You will probably have old-fashioned, impressive, and unexpeceted features as your backdrop which will be the perfect talking points for your guests. If you are sold on this idea, be sure to check with the staff if they can provide guided tours for your friends and family during the cocktail hour.

An Antique Store Wedding

When it comes to unique wedding venues consider an antique store wedding

 Image via: greenweddingshoes.com

For lovers of all things antique and vintage, an antique store wedding might be the location for you. While you will have to take the pain to hunt for a venue that is spacious and can accomoadte all your guests, you can be sure of the decor that will be second to none!

Choose a unique wedding venue to instantly set the scene for your big day your guests will never forget. Bonus: You will really save on decorations as these non-traditional locations will speak for themselves.

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