Trendy Centerpiece Ideas For Fall Weddings

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With fall weddings really making their mark on the bridal industry and October being in the top three months to have a wedding, choosing centerpieces that you love can be fun and allow you to be creative. This season, there are some new trends that couples are liking, whether you like the rustic feel of fall or like to keep it a bit more elegant, the perfect fall centerpiece is within your reach. Below are some top trends to keep in mind.

Centerpieces for fall weddings

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Wild About Wheat

While branches were all the rage in recent years, wheat centerpieces have really made a splash as a rustic meets romantic look. Wheat arrangements are easy to assemble and can take on pops of color when it comes to the container you choose to house them. Think clear vases or ceramic vases depending on the theme of your wedding. Wheat bouquets are easily found at local craft stores or online. The height can be subtle and short or dramatic and super tall. The neutral color makes it ideal to incorporate into any color scheme.

Go Nuts

Nuts are a lovely way to get the feel of autumn while spending very little money. Acorns are by far the most popular and can be used to glorify a candle centerpiece or even an edible centerpiece. If you want a more elegant look, go ahead and spray paint any nut with gold or silver for a little more pizzazz. However, most couples choose to keep them in their natural state and use other items to add color. Acorns and other nuts can be bought online or even at your local florist.

Mason Jar and Candles

The mason jar is iconic for rustic weddings and can be just beautiful for a fall wedding when paired with candles inside. A great idea is to buy different heights and colors of mason jars and group them in sets of three on the table. Then, simply place a long-burning candle in any color of your choice in each one and you have a simple, lovely, and very affordable centerpiece for your guests to enjoy. Don’t forget that mason jars are available in more than one color. Most couples go for the standard clear choice, but there are also blue/green varieties that look great with other fall colors such as orange or brown candles.  Another great tip and trend is to place the candles outside the Mason jars and insert photos inside them instead.

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