Top Regal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Destination weddings in India have a synonym– Udaipur. Some call it the zenith, some call it the high point but we call Udaipur the most regal among wedding venues across the country. Here are the top wedding venues in Udaipur that are not just grand– but constitute an all new royal level for those looking to pick a destination wedding venue in India.

City Palace

Regal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

Home to the royals of Mewar, the hub is one of the earliest to open to the idea destination weddings in India. Among the wedding venues in Udaipur, this one has marked it rank at the topmost tier merely due to the grandeur and meticulousness in what it offers couples getting married here. The Mewar Royals are even efficient wedding preparation planners and take off most worries off your plate once you book the City Palace.  Getting married here is magical and thanks to the fabled Lake Pichola, the palace has become a much hyped over wedding venue.

Devi Garh Palace

Regal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

Originally a fort, Devi Garh has now turned into one of Udaipur’s most sought after wedding venues. The regal feel is hard to miss and when the place is done up in multiple lights, the feeling is ethereal. The venue is slightly expensive but for the sprawling area and fresh appeal on offer, couples are even ready to wait forever to get married here! Do check out these gorgeous shots from the destination wedding at Devi Garh Palace, Udaipur.

Lake Nahargarh Palace

Regal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

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Royal in its roots, this luxury hotel is perfect for an idyllic wedding. The fact that the area it spans over is huge and that the scenery around is breathtaking makes it one of Udaipur’s best wedding venues. The interiors are plush while the exteriors and grounds are outwardly.

Leela Palace Udaipur

Regal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

Udaipur is the Venice of the East due to its many lakes but the Leela is a gem for Udaipur. Breathtaking to say the least, the hotel is one piece of heaven on earth. Weddings here are grand affairs and are not something no dreamers can imagine. Surreal, ultra comfortable and exotic– we can honor the Leela Palace with these compliments.

Destination weddings have been a hit across Rajasthan and Udaipur tops the list of top wedding venues in the state. Royal, beautiful and palatial- destination weddings unfurl such synonyms here. In case you have not made your mind up about the best pick wedding venues in Udaipur—you might never be able to since each of these is unique and gorgeous.

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