Top Five Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

by Anchal Bhatia

Once planning, organizing, and big day comes to an end, you will need some place beautiful, calming, and romantic to undo the stress that weddings ironically create. Honeymoon destinations in Asia offer an unmatched environment for romance and a memorable experience for far less money than Fiji and Hawaii.

Whether you prefer calm beach time or cultural adventures these five honeymoon destinations in Asia won’t disappoint you.

Honeymoon in Bali

Bali: Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

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It’s no surprise that Bali, the little island in Indonesia is on the top of the world tourist map. As a honeymoon destination, Bali is second to none. Home to some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts, a honeymoon in Bali with leave you with everlasting memories. Its pristine beaches have been rated on par with the Mediterranean wonders of Greece and its unique culture and delicious cuisine will leave you wanting for more.

Honeymoon in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

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Sri Lanka off the southern coast of India is a little island filled with magic. That is why this tropical paradise ranks among the best honeymoon destinations in Asia. Great spicy curry, an interesting culture, friendly people, and a very relaxed overall atmosphere attract more and more travelers from across the world.

A honeymoon is Sri Lanka is both budget friendly and a unique way to raise the curtains of a new beginning.

Honeymoon in Malaysia

Malaysia: Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

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Known for its natural beauty, tropical rainforests and idyllic beaches, Malaysia is very popular among couples. Either calm your senses on the islands of Pangkor Laut or Langkawi, or if bustle is what you are seeking, visit the city of Kuala Lumpar for its contemporary, colonial, and Islamic architecture and lively Chinatown area.

Honeymoon in Maldives

Maldives: Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

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In close proximity to India, Maldives is Asia’s smallest country, both by land mass and population. However, the lack of space does not stop this island nation from attracting lakhs of tourists every year who come to witness its incredible beauty and experience world class scuba diving. Honeymoon resorts and floating bungalows set on some of the bluest water will make you and your loved one want to stay forever.

Honeymoon in India

India: Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

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From the mighty peaks of Himalayan Mountains to tropical islands, from hustled colorful cities to serene hill stations, India has diversity like no other place on earth. Home to one of the eighth wonder of the world- Taj Mahal, India boasts of number of exotic getaways with just the right amount of romance in the air. The key to a successful honeymoon is India is to focus on a region (either north of south) and explore it fully.

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