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Fairy Tale wedding ideas

Many little girls dream of the kind of wedding that they read about in fairy tales. They want to marry a handsome prince, and they want to be a beautiful princess bride. Although fairy tales are a work of fiction, women can still capture that magic for their actual wedding. There are all kinds of ways to bring a dreamy fairytale wedding to life.

These romantic suggestions will help you make your wedding feel like something out of your favorite storybook.


Halloween wedding centerpieces

For some couples, saying “I do” surrounded by their family members, friends, and perhaps a few ghosts and goblins is the perfect way to celebrate love. Oh yes! You got that right; we are talking about a Halloween wedding. If you too crave to take vows on All Hallow’s Eve, or simply want to use it as a theme, here are some fun and exciting ideas to inspire you.


New Year's Eve Wedding Favor

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful choice for a wedding date. Your guests arrive for the ceremony already in the partying mood. Let this celebration continue by giving your guests cute favors as a way to thank them for coming. If you are lucky enough to be planning a New Year’s Eve wedding this season, here are some wonderful favor ideas for you.


Radiant orchid wedding theme

Recently, Pantone revealed the color of the year for 2014: Radiant Orchid! And like always, we believe this color will also have a major influence for the weddings. A harmony of purple, fuchsia, and pink undertones, this hue is a bright vibrant color that can be used throughout the many details of your wedding day. […]


Peacock wedding theme

If you are looking to plan your big day around the vibrant hues of the majestic peacock, you are on the right post. With the bold color palette, peacock wedding theme makes everything look, lavish, royal, and, elegant. Apart from being a hot trend, this theme takes you away from the traditional setting, making your […]