Summer wedding ideas and inspiration

Summer has a distinct feel about it—vibrant, colorful and relaxing! And in case you have planned to tie the knot this summer, you could not have timed it better. Here is a quick peek into the best summer wedding ideas on almost anything you could even remotely connect to a wedding.


Green and pink summer weddings

While wild and fresh are the themes to pick from, summer weddings can be spunked up with color. We bring to you top five color combinations that you can incorporate into your attire, the decor, cards– anything even remotely connected to a summer wedding. Take your pick.


Nautical Theme Wedding

Nautical theme wedding has always been a popular trend when it comes to planning a summer nuptial and it’s not hard to see why. In fact, it’s a great way to combine all your love for sea with the people you love. Nautical (if done right) can be a chic and elegant theme for your wedding day. Here are some ideas to pull it off effectively.