vintage wedding venue

Vintage sounds in and hip. The thought of having any vintage stuff at home is something that dominates most minds. When it comes to your wedding, why not spunk it up by going in for a vintage one? Here are the best ideas to ensure that your vintage wedding comes through perfectly.


Budget Wedding Invitations

Weddings mean fun, anticipation and constant activity. While weddings are all hunky dory, planning it around a budget could be a task in itself. Getting the best things on a limited wallet involves quick thinking and proper planning. As for the integral wedding invites, good news is that your task gets easy if you opt for these lovely ideas to create inexpensive wedding invitations for your guests.

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Stained Glass Peacock Theme Cake

Peacock weddings have been a fascinator ever since the theme made way into wedding culture. While the bright hues, the vibrant style and the ample creative nuances involved with a peacock theme wedding are wonderful, the peacock wedding cake is one aspect we simply drool over. While it might seem tough to choose a cake in such a theme over the traditional wedding cakes, here are few ideas we bet you will love.


Udaipur, Destination wedding in India

India is a land that charms and beguiles thanks to its vibrancy and many colors. Especially in contemporary times, there has been a rush towards booking Indian hubs for what we call Destination Weddings. As more and more non Indians are enchanted with the hues Indian culture and the land offers, let us round up the top five venues for destination weddings in India.


Summer wedding ideas and inspiration

Summer has a distinct feel about it—vibrant, colorful and relaxing! And in case you have planned to tie the knot this summer, you could not have timed it better. Here is a quick peek into the best summer wedding ideas on almost anything you could even remotely connect to a wedding.


Caves are gorgeous and unique wedding venues

If you are looking for something a bit more exciting than the usual banquet hall wedding, these unique wedding venues will ensure that your big day is not forgotten quickly. From beaches and caves to castles and museums, take a look at these off beat places to tie the knot.


Wedding registry ideas

Amid all the hustle of matrimony and bustle of preparation, planning for the wedding registry could take a toll. Here is what you MUST register for without second thoughts.


Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette parties are a mandatory aspect of getting hitched. Since time immemorial, a bachelorette party has been seen and lauded as part of a distinct culture. Amid all the helter skelter of a wedding, such a custom lets the bride to rejuvenate. Also, it does give a wonderful opportunity for meeting up your closest gal pals uninhibited before turning Mrs.


Essential wedding registry tips

With your wedding bells set to ring soon, there are tons of aspects to be handled. Among the trickiest and most worthwhile of these is the wedding registry bit. It is not every sunny day that you kith and kin shower you with gifts of your choice. Therefore, keep these wedding registry tips in mind to make the best of these lucky bits that your wedding entails.