Budget Wedding Invitations

Weddings mean fun, anticipation and constant activity. While weddings are all hunky dory, planning it around a budget could be a task in itself. Getting the best things on a limited wallet involves quick thinking and proper planning. As for the integral wedding invites, good news is that your task gets easy if you opt for these lovely ideas to create inexpensive wedding invitations for your guests.

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Weddings are incomplete without flowers and blooms. The fragrance, color and feel of wedding flowers not only add zing to a marriage but also ups the decor, elegance and appeal of your D-Day. However, all said and done, wedding flowers could eat up into the whole budget. More so, they also eat up into a whole lot of time with the elaborate planning involved. Check out 3 easy ways to save big on the wedding flower front.


Backyard wedding ideas

Backyard weddings do not necessarily cost a bomb. However, these need meticulous planning and well planned implementation. Here is how to spunk it up and arrange everything else that is part of the wedding.


How to plan a budget wedding

A low budget wedding can be just as glamorous as an expensive one. All you need is a little creative and careful planning. Check out these tips to save cash without looking cheap.