Summer Weddings: 5 Color Combinations We Love

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Summer weddings are frilly, flirty and fun. However, these also call for ample planning, clear execution and a lot of thought-putting into the thematic aspect. While wild and fresh are the themes to pick from, summer weddings can be spunked up with color. We bring to you top five color combinations that you can incorporate into your attire, the decor, cards, cakes— anything even remotely connected to a summer wedding. Take your pick.

Green and Pink

Green and pink summer weddings

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We pick green over the more popular blue because of its fresh quotient. Combine the right tones of both colors for a dazzling effect. However, make sure you do not go overboard with the choice. If you are opting for an open wedding venue, you can be bright. However, for closed space weddings, be lighter on the shades.

Nude and Blue

Blue and nude summer weddings

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Going neutral is a pop pick for summer weddings. No matter where you get married– a banquet hall or a beach, combining a skin colored palette with navy blue or even Prussian blue is a wow deal. More so, this gives you liberty to go high on accessories.

Orange and Violet

Orange and purple summer weddings

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A wild combo inspired from flowers, this could rock your wedding to the hilt. In fact, even your bridesmaids will be pleased. Go all natural and accessorise up with floral jewelry. A Greek wedding theme could be ideal for such a color combination.

Red and Black

Red and black summer weddings

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While black and white has ruled shelves for eternity, red can be the new white. Not only can you play with varied shades of red but also invest in a rose theme for the decor. Ask your bridesmaids to put on tiny rose pattern hair pins. A smart combination that echoes the modern day bride’s sensuality with her confidence!

Gray and Pink

Gray and pink summer weddings

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Now that pink has returned to our list, it is evident that the color is big this summer. The combination is ideal for those who have an inclination for soft colors. Gray is no more a bland pick and a light shade of pink lends an extra dimension to the same. The advantage of this combo is that you can balance it even on flowy long silhouettes.

The wrap up tip to pick any color palette for summer weddings is to have a confident personality and smart body language. Remember to have fun and let the biggest day of your life radiate through your face!

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