10 Inspiring Summer Wedding Ideas

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Summer has a distinct feel about it—vibrant, colorful and relaxing! And in case you have planned to tie the knot this summer, you could not have timed it better. However, amid all the freshness and breeziness around, summer weddings can be tough to tackle. Simply because of the variety on offer—across ALL departments,. Here is a quick peek into the best summer wedding ideas on almost anything you could even remotely connect to a wedding.

Summer wedding ideas and inspiration

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Accessory Saga

Summer wedding bridal accessories

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Brides fret more over their accessories than the real dress. Trust us; you need to get the perfect accessory to look like a million bucks on your summer wedding. Choose hoops, light or delicate bracelets in diamonds or pearls! Nothing else actually sets the summer flavor right for the bride!

The Bridal Dress Story

Summer wedding bridal dress

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You can afford to be more of a contemporary bride if you plan a summer wedding. Maxi-style wedding gowns, fish-cut gowns or skirt wedding dresses are rockers for summer weddings.

The Color Palette 

Summer wedding color palette

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Play up sharp contracts this summer. Among all summer wedding ideas that make you think, getting the color combo right is the most difficult. Red and white, orange and white or shimmery blue with fuchsia—these are the safest and trendiest bets for summer weddings this season.

Flowery Tales

Summer wedding flowers

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Picking the right flower arrangement for your wedding this summer is not much of an ache. There is plenty of variety available—only that—you need to pick the brightest! Petunias, lilies and the classic ranunculus or even lavender are the best picks.

The Setting

Private beach unique wedding venues

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You will be spoilt for choice. If its summer you can choose to have an outdoor wedding setting. For those high on budget the beach beckons you while those getting married the frugal way might make do with your backyard.

Drinks and Desserts

Summer wedding menu

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Forget the rich and lavish spreads. Try going fresh on the menu. Serve loads of lime based mocktails or fruity drinks. Ensure the stress remains on freshness and fruitiness even for the desserts.

Summer Wedding Favors 

Summer wedding favors

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Wedding favors are one aspect you DARE NOT miss planning out. Summer weddings mean that you can gift flip flops—customized, of course, thank-you etched shell key rings or even Chinese fans with a customized message as favors!

The Centerpiece Chapter

Summer wedding centerpieces

Image via: onewed.com

Keep the centerpieces simple. Use flowers, grass or stain ribbons to create illusory effect.

Wedding Cake 

Summer wedding cakes

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The right summer wedding cake needs t be simple. Go with red velvet or plain butterscotch base. Keep the icing simple. Layer up the traditional way—strawberry jam, lemon tart fills or creamy cereals!

The Invite

Summer wedding invitations

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The ultimate for the last! Summer weeding invites need to reflect that you are a summer bride. Use tissue-crafted cards. Use neutral colors and a message written in frosty fonts!

All checked–the ideas are laid down. All you need to do it—get married.

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