Steal Worthy Ideas for Peacock Wedding Theme

by Anchal Bhatia

If you are looking to plan your big day around the vibrant hues of the majestic peacock, you are on the right post. With the bold color palette, peacock wedding theme makes everything look, lavish, royal, and, elegant. Apart from being a hot trend, this theme takes you away from the traditional setting, making your wedding ceremony more personalized and fun. We point you some steal worthy ideas that will add a touch of elegance and beauty to your wedding day.

Peacock wedding theme

Image credit: Seattle Weddings

Peacock Wedding Invitations

Wedding invites have the power to set the mood of your guests. To make it look unique and interesting, use peacock colors such as deep blue, olive green, gold, or purple as background for your invitations. A light-colored invitation with pictures of a peacock is also a good idea. Finally, embellish the outer cover with an original peacock feather to complete the look.

Peacock Wedding Decorations

Instead of using a lot of objects, use dominant colors as an accessory to incorporate the peacock wedding theme. Begin with neutral colored furniture like shades of tan or beige. Do away with the traditional white tablecloth, and adorn the furniture with bright purple or rich teal colored linen. Matching centerpieces, cutlery, and wine glasses are sure to set the peacock ambiance. Additionally, you may stick a peacock feather into a complementing folded napkin on each setting.

Peacock Wedding Outfit

Peacock Wedding theme attire

Image credit: Shanta Cormier-Richard

To complete the wedding theme, it is very important that you incorporate it onto yourself. Consider a peacock colored floor touching charmeause dress or a dazzling full-length peacock print gown. In case, you want to opt-in for a traditional white outfit, pop in a few peacock feathers to your belt, bracelets, and, jewelry. Complementing strappy shoes with a single peacock feather will further ensure that you feature a traditional bridal look while living up to your wedding theme.

Overall, peacock wedding theme is very popular and trending idea at the moment. Just a touch of its color palette helps to bring out the richness in various objects and makes everything look gloriously elegant.

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