Spring Wedding Favors: 7 Ideas We Love

by Kavipriya Moorthy

How nice it is to be remembered? Especially, whenever the guests look at the unique wedding favors given honoring their presence. It is pretty vital to use the creative mind and eyes, to pick the right gift. If you are confused, don’t worry, here are 7 hand-picked spring wedding favors that you can choose without any hesitation because it is awesome and impeccable.

A Personalized Bottle Opener

Spring wedding favors

It’s dual, as every time they party and want to open that beer bottle, your gift comes in handy which would instantly draw a curve. Don’t get surprised if they call you the next day to talk about the fond memories of your wedding. Buy here Personalized Button Bottle Opener

Personalized Wedding Hershey’s Kisses

Spring wedding favors

We seldom notice chocolate haters, but even they get filtered when it comes to Hershey’s kisses. Personalize the chocolates with your wedding details and give a handful of them wrapped in an attractive pouch. Buy here Personalized Wedding Hershey’s Kisses

Personalized Watering Can Planting

Spring wedding favors

If at all your bored with the usual chocolates, cupcakes, and gifts, make the unusual change. Gift a personalized watering can, which would thereby count some more blessings every day. Trust me, you would feel really great later, when you see a guest using the same to water their plants. Who knows? A few might even buy new plants for the sake of it. Feeling proud? Buy here Personalized Watering Can Planting Favor

Attract Women with Cute Little Sacks

Spring wedding favors

Women are always attracted to miniatures, especially if it looks really nice, you win. The mini sacks can be used to hold small coins or even keys, that would be handy and compact in case of emergency. It is a definite head turner and don’t be surprised if your guests pick more than one. It is meant to be theirs! Buy here Mini Natural Woven Drawstring Sacks

Show that You Care with a Hand Sanitizer

Spring wedding favors

Thoughtful gifts are always appreciated, so is this Hand Sanitizer. It would be one of the perfect spring wedding favors for all your Guests. Print the name of the couple and wrap around the sanitizer, it would be handy and also, kindle your wedding memories, whenever your visitors use it to keep themselves away from germ attacks. Buy here Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Mini Bird’s Nest

Spring wedding favors

That’s one cute gift, you can ever present. It would look so real, that even the birds would try to lay their eggs. Offer it to your guests and you will definitely be overwhelmed by the choice. Buy here Mini Birds Nest and Twig

Bridal Shot Glasses

Spring wedding favors

Undoubtedly the best, as shot glasses are always one of the predominant items for any household. Inscribe the names of the couple and present them to your guests, you will be remembered with every shot of tequila. Buy here Personalized Bridal Shot Glasses

Wedding favors are in demand with the evolutionary changes, don’t forget to loop in the weather, it helps anyways. Enchant your guests and nevertheless, have a happy wedding! Cheers!

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