Spring Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

by Anchal Bhatia

On the days leading up to your big day, a number of critical wedding related tasks demand your attention. While it’s not as imperative as booking your wedding venue, deciding on wedding favors is an important finishing touch. If you want to add a seasonal flair to your wedding, here are some spring wedding favor ideas that will leave your guests with a tangible memory of your wedding theme.

Spring wedding favors

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Botanical Spring Wedding Favors

Botanical favors work great for a spring theme wedding. Simply tie a name tag to a single flower, and let these fragrant favors serve a dual purpose as place cards for your reception as well as a thank you gift. Lilacs, sweet peas, stargazers, tulips, bluebonnets, and poppies are some colorful options for the season. Alternatively, you can give your guests seed packets as spring wedding favors. Make sure to research which variety grows best during the season so that your guests can plant their gift right away.

Edible Spring Wedding Favors

Spring wedding favors

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Whether your guests satisfy their taste buds at the reception or take it home, edible wedding favors are always a hit. While there are many delicious items that are signature fare in spring, you can never go wrong with the famous spring fruit-strawberry. To make it look more interesting, you can cover it with chocolate or sprinkle it with nuts. You can also go for spring themed sugar cookies such as in the shape of flowers, honey bees or butterflies for whimsical feel or opt for heart shaped cookies in spring colors.

Practical Spring Wedding Favors

If you are a practical bride, useful gifts may be more important to you than taste or looks. Depending on your budget, consider giving umbrellas or ponchos to your guests to fend off raindrops. Personalized martini or margarita glasses are perfect spring wedding favors for those who spend the season enjoying on their patios. Alternatively, mini garden spades or hand rakes in your theme colors can make another practical spring wedding favors.

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