Shopping Tips for a Plus Size Wedding Dress

by Anchal Bhatia

Shopping for a wedding dress is usually an exciting endeavor for any bride. But it can become daunting and stressful if you are a full figured bride as many bridal stores don’t keep gown samples in plus sizes. We believe that every body type is beautiful and no bride should settle for anything less than their dream wedding dress. Full figured brides; here are some shopping tips to keep in mind when shopping for a plus size wedding dress.


Plus Size Wedding Dress

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Determine a Budget

Usually, plus size wedding dresses are pricier than regular sizes because of the more material used such as lace and beading. So, hold your excitement for shopping and work out your budget first. Avoid trying on dresses outside your budget because you will either fall in love with one and be disappointed by every other dress you see, or you will end up blowing your budget.

If you do find yourself falling for a dress that is beyond your budget, check with designer if they can limit the beading to the bodice only, or if the dress can be made in another fabric that’s less expensive.

Don’t Anticipate a Size

Many brides plan to diet for their wedding day and can put off ordering a dress because of anticipating being smaller. We recommend, don’t let your weight loss plans interfere with ordering your dress. Order the size that you are today. If you end up getting smaller, altering the dress to be smaller is easier and less expensive whereas, increasing the size of the dress can cost more and could still end up in an ill fitting dress. So, it’s always better to order for too big than too small.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Thicker fabrics such as taffeta are most suitable for full figured brides as they smooth everything out, creating a streamlined figure. Moreover, as strapless dresses can make shoulders look wider, consider styles with thicker straps or short sleeves. Finally, avoid appliqués or heavy beaded bodice as they can draw attention to areas you would prefer to minimize.

Bring Your Shapewear

The perfect wedding dress is not complete without the right underclothes. So, do carry your strapless bra, girdle, and any other shapewear you plan to have it on.

Be Comfortable

The most beautiful wedding dress won’t so look beautiful if you are stressed, or simply tugging on it. Make sure you can walk, talk, and dance in your dress with ease. Stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to take advice from friends and family.

Overall, when it comes to buying a plus size wedding dress, don’t just focus on disguising your figure. A curvaceous body is something to celebrate, and not hide. The wedding dress that sings to you is the one to buy, regardless of the rules.

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