How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers?

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Weddings are incomplete without flowers and blooms. The fragrance, color, and feel of wedding flowers not only add zing to a marriage but also ups the decor, elegance and appeal of your D-Day. However, all said and done, wedding flowers could eat up into the whole budget. More so, they also eat up into a whole lot of time with the elaborate planning involved. Check out 3 easy ways to save big on the wedding flower front.

Save money on wedding flowers

 Ready-made Arrangements On Hire

So you though all you could rent was a limo?? Well no! Wedding flowers can be rented too and the amazing ways they are arranged in make you so want to pick these! There are lots of wedding flower arrangement web businesses that offer you ready or customized floral arrangements on rent. You only need to ensure that you do not goof up the flowers and return it back in one good piece!

Go Lace and Faux

budget wedding flowers

Why use real flowers when you have faux-y alternatives available? Try going in forsilk flowers for your bridal bouquet or use lace flowers for the bridesmaid bouquets. In fact, we have come across pretty cute boutonnieres in silk that impress us more than real blooms. The best part about going in for faux florals as part of your wedding flowers is that they make great keepsakes. The whiff of nostalgia that hits you each time you glance at these is truly awesome. The best part is they cost you less than half of real flowers and impress doubly over.

Stick to Seasonal Blooms

While your florist may be able to source your favorite blooms at any time of the year, you will end up paying a premium for them. So to cut down on the cost, make sure you stick with flowers that are in season and easily sourced. What’s seasonal depends on where you live, so consult with your florist to find out the best options available. Did we say it’s eco-friendly too?

With so many easy options available, saving money on the wedding flower arrangements seems no deal at all. Only trick here is to bear in mind is that you need to plan the flower bits well in advance. After all, nobody wants issues on the big day for something as lovely as a flower.

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