Romantic Wedding Cakes: 5 Ideas and Inspiration

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

As much as a bride dreams of her Knight and her D-day, she thinks of her wedding cake too. With the grandeur, emotions, love and excitement that comes tagged on to her big day, getting perfect romantic wedding cakes is almost mandatory. Browse through our dream ideas for a wedding cake that might make you want to marry NOW.

Romantic Wedding Cakes 

Romantic wedding cakes

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Shimmer Cake

While weddings are not just bling anymore, a typical bride loves the thought of a shimmer icing cake. The tiers do not matter but the sheen adds heavenly charm to the wedding. What’s more is that the ribbon lacings compliment her glow as she walks down the aisle. The entire cake can be airbrushed to get the shimmer effect just right.

Memory Story Cake

While wedding cakes do not need a theme given the occasion, it is trendy to get a cake replicating your journey from courtship to marriage. Style it on lines of a palatial land that sees mobile replicas of yourself and hubby to be. Add customized touches like a miniature cake decoration piece of your first gift. Replicate your first dating venue on one tier. Go weave a cake story.

Fairytale Cake

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When it comes to romantic wedding cakes, options are aplenty, but we suggest going in for a fairytale wedding cake. The bride and groom figurines can come in fairytale character. In fact, you can have a sparkly airbrushed cake surface fashioned on lines of a castle. Cinderella and Rapunzel are popular ideas though you can choose characters from multiple stories.

Heart Cake

A traditional heart shaped cake in red with lace icing can be the best bet for a romantic themed wedding. After all, what says love and romance more than hearts? Alternatively, sugar hearts on one side of the traditional three tiered cake would look equally romantic. Make sure to add the traditional bride and groom cake toppers. Like the idea? So why wait?

Dove Cake 

Dove inspired romantic wedding cakes

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What’s more romantic than a pair of white doves adorning a traditional wedding cake? Since as long as we remember, doves have been a powerful symbol especially when found in pairs: To the Chinese they embody longevity and faithfulness whereas to the ancient Romans, they represent Venus, the goddess of love. Besides beautiful styling, the cake is a clear symbol of love and peace.

Take time out to meticulously plan your wedding cake. Go in for discussion and tasting sessions with your would-be. As the cake comes to life, your love story will have been baked just right. Be creative with your cake for the wedding and see how ethereal a day this special date becomes.

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