How to Plan a Perfect Bridal Shower

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Are you about to delve into the beautiful world of marriage? Or maybe you are a Maid of Honor or Best Man helping out dear friends to create a wedding celebration that matches no other. Whether you are a bride or groom, or a person helping out the special couple, one aspect that can be a little intimidating is the planning of a bridal shower.

How to plan a bridal shower

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Often one of the first parties to be thrown for the bride, the bridal shower is an important event that the bride will never forget. This festive occasion represents not only a time of getting together but also a moment that is hers, alone.

To help you out, we have put together a list of important thinking points that will be certain to assist in creating a bridal shower that will inspire joy, laughter, and fun. Here’s to many smiles and many hugs.

The All-Important Theme

When it comes to choosing what theme to use for the bridal shower, know that it should relate to the bride. But this doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. The theme can be special, while simple at the same time. Use aspects of the bride’s likes and dislikes to create the theme. For example, include her favorite colors for the visual aspect, choose foods and drinks that she enjoys for the edible side of things, and use her favorite hangout for the place to have the party.

Remember that Help is Your Best Friend

One thing that a party planner should never forget: Don’t do it on your own. You will create a better festive occasion if you enlist the help of your friends and family. It will help you cut down on costs as well as headaches. Delegating different jobs will make the party more fun for attendees as well. Things you can involve others with include the invitations, menu, games, prizes, and ambiance.

Don’t Forget the Invitations

Not only is it super important to get the invitations out in a timely manner, as to make sure everyone has ample opportunity to make plans on coming to the party, but it is also a way to double check that you have invited everyone. Also, by doing the guest list early, you might realize that the bridal shower has a theme within it already that might have been otherwise overlooked.

Keep the Games Related

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When it comes to involving games for people to play, try to have the festivities related to the bride. For example, create games that draw upon special aspects of the bride’s personality. Or use the connection that the guests have with the bride to make up a fun personalized game that all will enjoy.

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