How You Can Plan The Perfect Fairytale Wedding

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Many little girls dream of the kind of wedding that they read about in fairy tales. They want to marry a handsome prince, and they want to be a beautiful princess bride. Although fairy tales are a work of fiction, women can still capture that magic for their actual wedding. There are all kinds of ways to bring a dreamy fairytale wedding to life.

These romantic suggestions will help you make your wedding feel like something out of your favorite storybook.

Fairy Tale wedding ideas

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Use Twinkle Lights

If you’re getting married at night, twinkle lights can help you turn your venue into a dazzling wonderland. When lights are hanging from trees, the entire location will look a little bit more magical.

Twinkle lights are inexpensive, and they’re very easy to hang. They can make even a small wedding feel like a grand affair.

Choose Colors with Care

When coming up with the colors for your wedding, try to think of shades that are evocative of your favorite fairy tales. For example, if you like woodland fairy stories, you might want to use rich jewel tones, like a deep purple or a dark green. If you like tales of mermaids, a beautiful aqua should be perfect.

If you carefully select the colors you use in your wedding, you should be able to bring any fairy tale to life.

Look for an Arch

If you pay attention to the weddings in movies based on fairy tales, you will see that the bride and groom often get married beneath some kind of majestic arch.

Beautiful arches can be rented or purchased for weddings. You can decorate these arches with flowers, making them look even more like something out a fairy tale. They can make an incredible focal point for your affair.

Choose a Dress That Makes You Feel Like a Princess

You have to think about more than decorations if you want your wedding to feel like something out of a fairytale. The people who are getting married need to look like a prince and princess.

Look for a wedding gown that captures that special princess feel. Don’t settle for a wedding dress that doesn’t make you feel amazing. Keep trying on dresses until you find something that takes your breath away. The more beautiful you feel, the more special your wedding will be.

Add Special Details

You might want to wear sparkling slippers underneath your dress, or fix tiny little flowers in your hair. Whatever you choose, adding extra little details can help take a wedding from pretty to gorgeous. It’s the little things that can really bring a fairy tale to life.

If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to plan an incredible fairytale wedding. There’s no reason you should have to give up on your childhood dreams about your wedding day. With a little planning, you can bring all of your fantasies to life.

This is a guest post by Mark Wilcox of where he shares more wedding planning tips.

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