Peacock Wedding Cake Ideas

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Peacock weddings have been a fascinator ever since the theme made way into wedding culture. While the bright hues, the vibrant style and the ample creative nuances involved with a peacock theme wedding are wonderful, the peacock wedding cake is one aspect we simply drool over. While it might seem tough to choose a cake in such a theme over the traditional wedding cakes, here are few ideas we bet you will love.

Peacock wedding cake Ideas

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Royal Icing Cake with Peacock Theme Hand Paintings

More of a Chicago school of cake-making idea, this one is beautiful because of its simplicity. The base is plain white and the tiers are shadow painted intricately with small motifs inspired from the peacock. You can only be awed by the contrast between white and the blue-green hues.

The Adventurist’s Peacock Cake

This might be an over-the-top idea for wedding cakes but trust us, it could be a dare that impresses the guests. The fondant used needs to be blue or green while the icing, decoration and finer details on the surface are tiny replicas of peacock feathers, miniature peacock figurines and the like.

How About Drowning the Wedding Cake in Peacock Feathers?

The feathers can be shaped from gum paste and needs to have the finesse that the best cake artist can pull off for sure. We suggest a three tier cake with the top and bottom tiers decked with the feathers. The middle tier can be dusted with blue and green shimmer dust for a thunderous effect.

Stained Glass Peacock Theme Cake

Stained Glass Peacock Theme Cake

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Another brilliant peacock wedding cake idea is to use the peacock motifs and hues in a stained cake style. The stained glass painting technique has now been innovated upon for use on cakes. The effect is thrilling and the peacock theme offers just the right shades to create a scintillating effect on a wedding cake. Grand to say the least!

Lace Icing Peacock Cake

Spunk up a peacock wedding cake by keeping the base a deep green and by using white lace icing work in peacock motifs all over. The final mesh effect that such a technique creates is mind blowing as is the overall look.

With so many ideas to make your own peacock cake for a wedding, you might just be spoilt for choice! Use your creativity, make your choices and floor your wedding guests with the ‘bestest’ cake they ever had.

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