Tips to Lose Weight Naturally Before the Wedding Day

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Are you gazing at the calendar to show your D-day in few months? Do you want to look dazzling on that special day but still puzzled about losing the extra pounds? Well, stop worrying and start taking steps consciously to lose the bulge. Pep up your confidence level and keep counting, not just your days for a wedding, but also the number of pounds you’re losing. Here are ways to lose weight naturally without any side effects and to flaunt the show.

Tips to Lose Weight Naturally Before the wedding day

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Tracking Food

Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will not just help in reducing weight but could render glowing skin. The ‘choose and eat healthy’ mission puts the extra pounds at bay and helps you to look the best in any wedding dress. Here are some foods that we recommend to avoid before your big day.

Going The Gym Way

Take a course in the nearby gym with a trainer who can help you understand the easiest home exercises to lose weight naturally. Do some regular cardio and jogs at home. See how fast you slim down.

Eat Proper Meals 

Skipping a meal is never going to help in ditching the weight. It’s important to eat properly at regular intervals. Eat in portions, which would help in reducing weight in the course of time.

Take Those Steps Instead, Of The Lift

Walk uphill rather than pressing button to your flat in the lift.

Sleep Well

The body requires adequate sleep in order to maintain good health. Remember, if you starve sleep deprived, the efforts go vain. Only the body and mind, which laps up ample sleep, will be capable of handling all the quintessential wedding stress. Even working out is never easy with disturbed sleep routines. Make sure to nap for an hour every day for remaining healthy. Of course, get your 6-8 hours of sleep for sure!

Drink Water

Given that water regulates the body, keep a bottle of water handy wherever you go so that a regular pattern is followed. There are smart apps to give reminders to drink water too. Regular intake helps to keep your weight under check while working wonders for your skin!

With your wedding lurking around the corner, it means more room for treats and retreats. Though it appears unavoidable, make a proper conscious choice on ordering food. Take pride in informing your family that you’re on a diet for the wedding season. Finally, don’t encourage peer pressure at any cost.

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