How to Hire a Wedding Band

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Unless you’re an events manager or the owner of a premises such as a pub, the chances are that you’ve never hired a band before. In fact, it is likely that you have never given hiring a band any consideration at all. Let’s face it, it isn’t something we’d sit down and discuss over something to eat and a drink, is it?

How to hire a wedding band

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Planning your wedding comes with stress and pressure anyway. If you’ve decided to hire a band to play on your wedding day, it is fair to say that you’ve ratcheted that up quite a bit. The last thing you want is for your guests’ experience to be ruined because the band you hired sucked.

What Makes a Good Wedding Band?

The first thing that comes to mind when hiring a wedding band is that we need to be realistic. It doesn’t matter how much you love The Killers or Muse, you simply can’t afford them, unless you plan on sending a begging email to their websites or agents and hoping you’ll get a sympathetic response. In reality, however, they probably wouldn’t be great at a wedding anyway.

You’re going to have many guests at your wedding, all of whom will have different tastes. A full dance floor is what keeps a wedding party going, which means you need a versatile band that can play a variety of songs, and is happy to learn anything that you might specifically request in the run up to your wedding.

Finding Your Wedding Band

What you need to do is think about the best way to do it. Realistically, you don’t want to be going through local directories or attending open mic nights in bars to try and find a band. Instead, think about consulting with a wedding planner, or speak to your wedding venue. If they don’t have a house band that might be available for hire, they should at least have some idea of popular bands based on events they would have hosted in the past.

If your search hasn’t yet turned up any reliable leads, it is time to look online. The great thing about looking for a wedding band online is that you can tell ones that might be good straight away, because they have a link to their videos on their website or on YouTube. If the band has a Twitter or Facebook account, for example, then you know they take themselves seriously enough to be worth considering.

Doing the Deal

To check how reliable they are, get in touch via email and gauge the response time. If it’s any longer than 48 hours, then you probably want to look elsewhere. Once you’ve opened dialogue, however, you simply need to ask whether they can meet your needs, and importantly, how much they cost. When you’re ready to make a booking, ensure you’re protected in some way against cancellations on their part; the last thing you want is a phone call on the morning of the wedding saying they can’t make it because they’ve been booked for a gig elsewhere, or they just outright no-show.

Author Bio: James is interested in all aspects of wedding planning, from hiring a band to finding professional display companies like Fireworks Crazy who can take care of everything on behalf of a couple. James is currently at University, but hopes to become a self-employed wedding planner rather than move into a career he’ll probably find boring.

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