Get Inspired: Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

by Anchal Bhatia

You could not ask for a better day than the day of love to pop the big question. Now that you have the nerve to ask her, we point you some ideas to inspire your marriage proposal.

Marriage proposal ideas

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Count Down

For the week leading up to the Valentine’s Day, popularly known as Valentine’s week, give your honey a creative heart inspired gift every day. For example, a pair of heart shaped earnings or heart printed socks, a box of red-hot candies or a heart shaped aroma candle. Finally, on the big night, cook a special meal and pop the question. Who knows, next winter you might be planning Valentine’s Day Wedding.

Say It With Flowers

As common, old-fashioned or traditional it may sound, but we bet you can never go wrong with flowers. You know the drill: roses, lot’s of them, everywhere. Give one rose for each month you have been together. If possible, even better for days. Order here.

A Destination Proposal

Destination marriage proposal

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It’s Valentine’s Day and you both are already in the party mood. Whisk your love away to another city or even country for a romantic destination marriage proposal. Once you have popped the big question, it will be even more of a getaway to remember.

A Custom Website

Create a website declaring your love and intentions. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want- from a simple web page that tells your love story to an interactive website that’s totally customized. Don’t forget to hint your honey with the web address.

(Hint: Use a free wedding website platform and leave your wedding date blank. Create simple pages like “Our Story”, “Gallery” and more. Once she has officially accepted your marriage proposal, you can convert it to a fully customized website to announce and plan your big day.)

Shower With Love

Buy a couple of Valentine’s Day cards just like you did in the fourth grade and write a reason why you love your honey or a favorite shared memory on each card. Plant them everywhere- in the refrigerator, under the pillow, in the wardrobe, in a coat pocket, on the washroom mirror, and anywhere else you can think of. On Valentine’s Day itself, present the last and biggest card with your marriage proposal. Yet better, get a customized card made at Zazzle store and make it more meaningful!

While one of these might just be a perfect idea, make sure to add something that reflects the two of you and speaks about your relationship. Plan your marriage proposal with a personal angle and make it unique to the both of you.

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