How to Create a Beautiful Free Wedding Website?

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Have you finally decided to tie the knot and are excited to share your happiness with loved ones? Love is in the air and you feel as if you could shout out to the world “I am getting married!!” Thankfully you have a way of doing just that without disturbing your neighbors or getting curious/weird looks from everyone. So, before you start shouting off from your balcony or jumping on the terrace, consider this – a free wedding website. A wedding site is a way for you to share the happy news and declare your wedding to the world.

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Why Create A Wedding Website?

Other than a wedding website being convenient, eco-friendly way of announcing your love to the world, it is also a much quicker way of getting RSVP and maintaining the number of invitations going for print. Additionally, if planned and set properly six to seven months before the big day, you can give out more information to your guests which might be beneficial. Especially if it is related to details such as the location, guests can probably plan their attire according to the venue.

Getting Started

You should preferably start developing the website early on while the wedding still has six to seven months to go. As the preparations will make you busy later on, this will give you enough time to plan a perfect wedding website. So, start coming up with easy to remember domain names, right now!

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First things first. Giving out details about the venue, hotels, theme and dates is pivotal. Use all the necessary tools to make this process as convenient for your guests as you can. Add Google maps so that your guests can easily look into accommodation and travel options.

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Walking Down Memory Lane

Met in college, high school or in office? However it is that your romance started, it can be deciphered from stories or pictures of you and your partner. Creating a website gallery can be a lovely way of remembering all the memories for both of you. A way of knowing how far you have come.

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Walking down the memory lane is incomplete without photos or short clip home videos. This is an adorable way of telling a story where the main characters are you and your other half. Share post wedding photos on website as a reminder of the good memories and to recollect why it is all worth it!

A post wedding use for the free wedding website can also be to thank your guests for attending your special day.

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