Five Steps To Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Cake

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The wedding cake is the reason most of us go to a wedding, let’s face it! Oh; is that just me then?  Anyway, moving on – the wedding cake is generally a bit of a highlight – everyone loves something sweet to enjoy, and the type of cake you pick is vitally important. There will always be people who have allergies at your wedding and so providing a smaller, alternative cake (or even individual cupcakes) for these people is a thoughtful touch which is always appreciated! Here are five steps to take when choosing your perfect wedding cake.

How to choose a perfect wedding cake

Image credit: Andrew Malone

Break the Tradition

Whilst traditional white cakes with sugar roses are all well and good, they’re a bit, dare we say, boring? Nobody wants a boring cake as their wedding centerpiece; it’s far better to go all out and be bold and creative. If your wedding has a particular theme, such as vintage, then hunt for a cake designer in your area that creates bespoke cakes. Paying a bit extra for a bespoke cake to make a statement at your wedding is well worth the extra money – just make sure you get plenty of stunning shots of it before it is totally devoured!

Have a Cake Tasting Session

If you need to be persuaded to spend a whole afternoon tasting different flavors of cake, then I worry for your sanity! Grab a couple of friends and make appointments with a few cake designers; you’ll be surprised at the range of flavors and textures available to choose from!  From chocolate orange sponge with chocolate icing to an elegant pale blue sponge cake with almond filling that screams vintage, the options are endless. Remember that choosing flavors which everyone will enjoy are important – a chocolate cake always goes down well, and popular fruits for wedding cakes include strawberries, mango and any type of berries. Most cake designers nowadays have listings on wedding websites where you can view their creations before booking an appointment, so it’s best to arrange a tasting trip to two or three designers before selecting the right one for you – style, budget and taste will all be a consideration.

Custom Figures

Funny wedding cake toppers

Image credit: Catherine

Choosing to have custom toppers made for your wedding cake is a fun way to show off your quirky style, and if you choose non-edible figurines then you can keep these as a memory of your big day! There are loads of cake designers who will create custom figurines to top your wedding cake, or you can hunt for a bespoke designer who specializes in creating these little figures. Whether you opt to have miniature versions of the bride and groom or go for something a bit more unusual is up to you – this is a really fun way to surprise your other half if he’s not involved in the wedding cake decisions! We really like this “A Romantic Dip” Dancing Couple Cake Topper take a look!

Get a Quote First

Make sure that you get a quote before choosing your wedding cake, and always ensure that you know exactly what’s included! It’s no good ordering a luxury chocolate cake with almond ganache and sugar roses if the China cake toppers are charged as extra on top, taking you well over budget. Set aside a specific budget for your cake, and allow yourself a 10 percent leeway – that way if you spot the perfect cake and it is slightly over budget, you can still have your cake and eat it!

Look Online

You don’t have to order your wedding cake from a local bakery – there are bespoke cake designers across the country listed on many wedding websites and provided they will offer courier delivery to your area, there’s no reason not to opt for a designer from further afield. If you live in a busy city such as London, it can often be far cheaper to order your cake from a designer out with the city boundaries – consider the Kent or Surrey areas.

Follow these five simple steps and you will soon be admiring the most stunning wedding cake you have ever seen – just try not to eat it all at once!

Author bio: Gem Wilson has been a freelance writer and part-time wedding planner for the past 25 years. Working from home, she spends a lot of her time researching on wedding websites, and if she does ever get married, she has the perfect dress picked out!

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