Family Pet: How to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Day

by Kavipriya Moorthy

A wedding ceremony is indeed the best day for our life, inviting every friend and extended family members are a part of the parcel. Stop right there and give it a thought, how about the only soul that jumps out in joy and is always ready to cross oceans for you? Yes, am talking about the friendly paws and furs, that swirls around you day in and out. Here are impressive pointers, on how to include your family pet as a distinguished guest of honor.

Family Pet: How to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Day

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Instead of the Flower Girl – How About a Flower Dog?

Flower girls are cute, but flower dogs are the cutest. Pamper your furry friend with a nice suit and arrange his neck with attractive flowers. Let him walk you down the aisle. Allow him to march across the way with anattitude along with you. Again, they would be the center of attraction, but don’t feel sorry. It’s the best possible way to loop in your family pet to enjoy your wedding.

Wedding Shoot-Handover the Sign Boards

Family Pet: How to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Day

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Photo shoot is an integral part of our wedding which keeps the memories intact forever. Why not include your dog in the photography session? Give him cute little charts to hold, tie it around his neck. Right from the event dates, to quotes on love, include all that you would like to portray to the audience. Dress him pretty well as this four-legged friend will steal the limelight that you will hardly get noticed, so take your time to beat the pet’s presence out.

Ordered Your Cake, yet?

More than the number of tiers, the cake topper is pretty amusing. Every guest would look for the cake topper, so just don’t stop with the bride and groom, but also your family pet as the topper. This way, it would emphasize the importance of your pet in the ceremony. Let them steal the show, like they do in your life. They are the best stress busters in your life; it is vital to demonstrate that you care.

Wedding Rings – Let Them Bring!

Family Pet: How to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Day

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Give the privilege to your pet friend. Let your family pet grab the decorated basket with flowers and walk towards you with the wedding rings. As the crowd cheers, let your dog feel enchanted. Make sure to train him a little; don’t get him play around this time. It would be a visual treat for your guests to see him shine with love.

Who matters, matter? Yes, it does. Your pet lives its life loving you like it is destined to be, no matter what you do, spending your time with them is always the best part of your day. Pay them in return for love; they are the stars in life who will stay forever. A wedding with your family pet as your maid of honor, plan and execute to have a sumptuous wedding. Happy wedding!

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Rebecca Cooper February 19, 2015 at 1:11 pm

I really thought the post gave some very interesting ideas of how to showcase the family pet into one of the most important days in a couple’s life. How about a wagon all decorated with the wedding colors and flowers for smaller pets like cats, kittens, smaller dogs, puppies or a special parrot. Candy shaped like dog treats in cello bags in jars with the couple’s picture on the front. Using paw prints on the cake. Really the skies are the limit.


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