5 Fun Ideas for Your Engagement Party

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Now that your courtship has reached a point of fruition, you need to finally say yes to his proposal. When the plans are laid and the ground is strong, why not plan the perfect engagement party that not just lets you say yes but also gets you to revel in your romance. Of course, in a way you never imagined. Check out our five sizzling ideas for the engagement party and go all out while exchanging rings.

Engagement party ideas

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Plan A Theme

Perhaps you no longer have a party without a theme. It is almost as good as having a reason for throwing a party. When it is your engagement that you have to party over, why not choose a theme that is exotic?  From the decor to your costumes, you could ensure that everything is done up in a way different from the typicality of your native traditions. Try going old world in terms of theme or even seek inspiration from literature. Choose to get engaged in retro style or in geisha inspired surroundings- the variety here is only as much as your imagination.

Engage A Cake

Engagement party cake

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Wedding cakes have a place of their own. However, the season has brought in the trend of engagement cakes. Get a two tiered wonder in a flavor of your choice and ensure that you make a mini replica of your rings or love bands on the top tier. Best cake ideas here are fairytale themes, heart cake or any cake theme along lines of the place where you first met!

Dine In Style

Organize your engagement party dinner in style and send out personalised invitations to guests. Keep the menu funky– probably, finger food and BBQ could do the trick. Alternatively, you could go in for a menu based on quick treat that comprises fast food faves from your city.

Get Unique Engagement Favors

Engagement party favors

While engagement favors have not really caught up as their wedding counterparts, you can spunk your engagement party up by giving away small favors customised for your guests. Have a look at these personalized engagement party mint tins.

Organize A Crazy Karaoke

Want to know how to have a fun way to celebrate your engagement? Go in for a karaoke. The playlist could have your spouse’s faves as well as some old time classic love tunes. There is no need for you to be in sync. Just have a round of good fun to celebrate this big day of your life.

In case you are planning to get engaged soon, get going and plan your party now. With hordes of ideas, you will only have to crunch your knuckles up slightly.

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