Edible Wedding Favors: Give Them a Bite to Remember!

by Kavipriya Moorthy

Weddings are indeed the most incredible day of anyone’s life; it brings together family and friends to celebrate love. The arrangements, food, fun and finally the beautiful wedding attracts everyone regardless of age. After all this, there is one key, which is pretty more important; that’s wedding favors. It’s been a tiring process to think of the right one, this season, how about trying some edible wedding favors?

Bake The Cakes

Edible wedding favor ideas

Yeah, who doesn’t like cakes? Well, we all do. Make a small two tier or three tier mini cake and wrap it with a bow. Every guest of yours would grab one with love. Try these sweetest edible wedding favors to amuse the closed ones  right away. Are you ready to bake? Better yet, order these personalized mini cakes to wow your guests.

Pen Your Initials On The Cookies

Edible wedding favor ideas

Cookies – the very word that leaves your mouth watering until you grab one of the platter is one remarkable edible wedding favor idea. Make a small change from the traditional, make sure to pen your initials. Also, you can turn it a fortune cookie with a cute little message about your wedding. How cool is that? Make custom cookies that are based on your wedding theme, the couple’s clothing or the cake itself as an icing over the cookies that would relate. Order personalized fortune cookies here.

Let’s Go Crazy, Gumball

Edible wedding favor ideas

Playing with Gumball is one such amazing thing across ages, design a small Gumball dispenser with assorted flavors. Let your guests go crazy over and over, again with this miniature gift. It is a definite hit, try it right away in the very next wedding in your family. Get appreciated! Get your personalized mini gumball machine here.

Candies – Assured Happiness

Edible wedding favor ideas

Candies never stop with kids; it just pulls out the younger child residing within the elders who sit in a corner smiling at each other. Design your personalized candies with the bride’s and groom’s name on either side, shape it according to your interest, most opted is, of course, the hearts. Flavor it as per choice and share few to every guest to see them smile with astonishment. Pack them all well in cute little transparent pouches. What’s better than this excellent combo of edible wedding favors when the guests leave after a heartwarming wish to the couple? Stay enchanted! Wedding is the best season ever to share and care for every person who means to you! Get custom printed wedding candies here.

It’s paradise, when your wedding hall is filled with people, it shows how much you mean to them. This focuses the limelight over the care and love we share. Show everyone that their presence means a lot to you with great edible wedding favors of choice. It is worth the thought, think creative and stay as lovable as ever.

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