Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas

by Anchal Bhatia

Are you expected to witness a wedding and know that the couple is not looking for all the crazy kitchen gadgets? You know that the couple lives an eco-friendly lifestyle and do not have a wedding registry. Well, here are some thoughtful wedding gift ideas for eco modern brides and grooms.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift

Shared Experience

Gift them an experience that will create a happy memory for lifetime. Arrange for them a hot air balloon ride at sunrise, or buy them season tickets to sporting events, or to go wine tasting at an organic winery. Make sure to research their common interest and plan accordingly.

Honeymoon Fund

Eco friendly wedding gifts

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These days, more and more couples are registering online not for physical gifts but for their honeymoon. Everything from air tickets to sightseeing is up for purchase. Sites like allows you to register for a honeymoon registry so that the guests can purchase meals, specific activities, and experiences that couple would like to enjoy on their escape.

Sustainable Household Items

Buy household products that are sustainable in nature. Organic bedding that is free of pesticides and chemicals, luxurious organic cotton throw blanket, or towels made from organic cotton can make a beautiful wedding gift for eco-conscious couple.

Organic Food

Eco friendly wedding gifts

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How about stocking the couple’s home with organic food? If the couple you know appreciate the gift of food, stock their pantry with organic items and help them get started in the new phase of life. Include a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as dairy products and meat. Team up the gift basket with some organic flowers to make it more presentable.

Make Donations

In lieu of wedding gifts, make a donation in the couple’s name to an environmental organization. If they love doing good deeds, they will certainly appreciate this out of the box wedding gift.

These are some of the green wedding gift ideas that are not only thoughtful but also promote environment friendly and socially responsible practices.

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