Budget Weddings: 7 Planning Tips for Cash-Strapped Couples

by Anchal Bhatia

A low budget wedding can be just as glamorous as an expensive one. All you need is a little creativity and careful planning. Check out these tips to save cash without looking cheap.

How to plan a budget wedding

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Trim Your Guest List

The single easiest way to cut down on costs is by trimming your guest list. The more people you invite the bigger venue and more food you will need. Since, it’s your big day, it’s alright to invite all your loved ones, but make sure to keep an eye on the numbers. Ask yourself, do you really need to invite those cousins you haven’t met since you were in diapers? Or those friends with whom you only keep in touch on Facebook?

When budget is a concern, restrict your guest list to close friends and immediate family. Not only will it help you save cash, but you will also get to enjoy your big day with the ones who value most.

Wedding Dress

A strict budget should not keep you from buying your dream wedding dress. There are many alternative options to get a beautiful gown at a far lower price than bridal salons. Sites like Craigslist, ebay and second hand stores sell beautiful designer gowns at a fraction of the cost. Alternatively, add a personal and a vintage touch to your wedding by wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress. After all, they preserved it for a reason. However, if you are determined to get a new dress, look for designer sample sales; you can really get some amazing discounts.


Budget wedding location

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Wedding locations can be huge budget shakers. Look for alternatives that will save you some extra cash such as a local church with a reception hall or a friend’s barn. While you may think that a wedding at home can save you a lot, make sure to weigh your options because renting tables, chairs and other little items can really add up.


Wedding flowers can easily run your budget haywire. To cut costs, order only those blooms that are in season. Get loose stems and make beautiful arrangements yourself. You can also save a great deal by ordering flowers online instead of a traditional florist. Fifty flowers, ferns n petals and Global Rose are reputable and popular choices.


Budget wedding tips

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Alcohol can make your wedding budget sky rocket. If you really want to save big bucks, have an open bar just for the cocktail hour. Thereafter, you can have a cash bar for the rest of the reception. However, if you really want to have a host bar, skip the top shelf liquors and serve the basics like wine and beer, a champagne punch or a signature cocktail. Make sure to have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages.


Wedding stationary is another aspect that can take a huge chunk out of your budget, so why not add a personal touch and do-it-yourself? Start by requesting a design gifted friend to help you make your own invitations or look for online templates and print the invitations at home. Also, separate ceremony and reception invites are an unnecessary expense. Instead, make one invite and include a line “Reception and dinner follows”.

Another interesting idea is to forget the paper invitations completely and opt for a free wedding website at eWedding.com . Not only will it help to save a lot of cash, it will also help to reduce your carbon footprints. After all, your commitment will be everlasting; should not your wedding be sustainable too?

Wedding Favors

Budget wedding favors

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Most couples quit wedding favors anyway. And yours is a budget wedding. But still if you really want to give something, bake yummy treats yourself, or make a small donation to your favorite charity. Make sure to place a card at each setting explaining the gift. Alternatively, consider something that can double as a table décor and a favor such as candles or a single bloom in a tapered glass vase.

In short, wearing white does not have to cost you a lot of green. The three most important things you require to have a successful wedding are a bride, a groom, and an officiant. Rest everything else is optional. So, go ahead use the above tips and give yourself that dream wedding you desire for without going bankrupt.

Do let us know through comments if you have more ideas to plan a budget wedding.

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