Budget Centerpiece Ideas for Summer Weddings

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Summer weddings are tricky to pull off yet very exciting. There is more variety to experiment with and more scope to pull off daring wedding decisions. As much as the summer works wonders by letting you choose a better dress, it also allows you to have quirky centerpieces. Here are the best centerpiece ideas you could explore for a summer wedding–on a budget!

Summer Wedding Centerpieces

Image via: Beautiful-Dissaster

Fish Bowls With Fresh Blooms

Summer brings the best flowers to bloom- so why not take a fish bowl and fill it with glitter-mixed water to create a unique centerpiece. Top it up with mini blooms are multiple petals. You may also add a tiny candle for a more soothing effect.

Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Small fragrant candles in shimmery or crystal casings work as great summer wedding centerpieces. The charm of these pieces lies in their minuscule-ness and the bright effect. Summer weddings are generally very colorful so centerpiece can be more muted or toned down.

Floral Centerpieces

Weddings in summer have been and always will be about flowers. Why not bunch up red roses and hydrangeas for the centerpiece. These are budget options and also add glamour to the seating arrangement at the wedding. You can use a silver stand or maybe a large vase in plain crystal. Do not go gaudy and keep the bunching well spaced.

White Martini Style Centerpiece

Use a martini glass and add white roses and babies’ breath florets. This is a striking combo given that the shape of the peg and the whites blend to create a very pristine effect. The idea barely requires much moolah and is no-fuss in terms of putting together too. In fact, it is a very popular pick from the long list of centerpiece ideas for summer weddings as well.

The Citrus Centerpiece

Budget centerpiece ideas

Image via: Dainty Obsessions

Those old and tall glasses might be humble but lining them up from within with a mix of lemon/orange slices could create a breathtaking effect. Add some colorful daisies or any other flowers into the glass and find freshness personified before you.

With such budget centerpiece ideas for a summer wedding reception, your day could only get better. What’s even better is that these are fuss-free and DIY in most cases. Try your hand at these and make your guests go gaga over the unique appeal of these ideas. Have more ideas for wedding centerpieces to add to this list? Shoot in your views now.

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