Bridal Makeup Tips for Beach Weddings

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Brides look lovely–no matter what their shape or style. As much as we behold the importance of the right silhouette or cut, the right bridal makeup tips can make or break your D-Day look. Especially for beach weddings, here are the best bridal makeup tips or ideas that can create a mesmerizing look.

Bridal Makeup Tips for Beach Weddings

Try Muted Shimmer as the Palette

While bling is so not in for beach wedding makeup, muted shimmery shades such as gold or silver are wonder picks. More so, try combining the shimmery shades with pastels such as green, mauve and cobalt. Remember, beach weddings are about being fresh so choose your make up palette accordingly.

Waterproof all the Way

You need to ensure that your make up for a beach wedding is waterproof. You do not want runny mascara or melting cake foundation. Invest some extra bucks on branded make up that will make you look wow as well as save your skin on your beach wedding day.

Watch Out Brides

Beach brides need to be extra cautious about their skin. Especially those who have oily T-Zones must make it a point to carry translucent powder for touch ups when needed. However, the idea here is to ensure a matte look. No dramatic touch ups that make you look bathed in makeup please!

Blush it Right

When using the blusher, always stick to a non gloss version. A matte look comes across as elegant and neat for beach weddings. You must ensure that the shimmery touches are best left to the eyes or the eyebrow ends. This not only makes your make up last longer but also prevents the embarrassment of ending up all smudged!

Extend Your Lashes

While some brides find it over-the-top to go in for eye lash extensions; this is not as bad as you think for beach wedding. Given the setting and the lushness of the sand, it is great to have false eyelashes for coming across as perfect on your wedding snaps.

Moreover, if you have booked for your pre wedding regimen such as waxing, facials or spa routines, make sure to get these done at least a couple of days prior to the big day. This is because, itchiness or sores or even small blemishes on the skin as a result of any salon procedure could make you look like Bridezilla on D-Day despite the best of makeup.

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