Top 3 Beach Wedding Destinations in India

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Indians are waking up to the concept of beach weddings as much as non-natives are flying into the country to have impeccable wedding receptions on the golden beaches here. Organizing a beach wedding is not easy but if the right venue is picked, you can rely on having a great D-day for sure. Here are the top three beach wedding destinations in India that can sparkle your wedding day up.

Go Goa

Beach wedding in India

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It is not for nothing that Goa is idolized as the perfect beach wedding destination. Sand, sun and surf all merge into a perfect trio that accounts for wedding bliss. A variety of cuisines, local wines, affordable party venues, beach reception areas and awesome weather make Goa a blessing for those who love the concept of beach weddings. More so, the many chapels and cathedrals in Goa add another special tinge to your wedding day rituals– if you are cosmopolitan or Catholic! There are many resorts to pick from and not surprisingly these venues also offer beach wedding packages. Only tip to bear in mind is you need to plan well in advance if you want a beach wedding here given the perpetual rush.

The Reefy Terrains At Andaman Island

Andaman Island Weddings

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While this is akin to the Great Barrier Reef for some tourists, weddings planners have finally begun to value the isolated beauty of this island. A tad costlier because of its location, Andaman is one pick among places for beach weddings in India that awes merely due to its fauna and flora. The glass boats, the reefs, the historic hubs and the natural beaches are perfect locales to walk down your aisle.

God’s Own Country

Destination wedding in Kerela

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Kerala is a paradise for tourist and when it comes to beach wedding destinations, this hub is an apt pick for getting married too. The backwaters in Kerala are one thing but the beaches are ethereal. As the waves wash your feet, gear up to ask her to be your bride and see the look on her face. The beaches are crowded or isolated—as per your pick. The blue skies, tall coconut trees and the golden sands add a magic touch. Kovalam is a popular choice but Varkala is lovely. This is especially because of the high cliff that towers along the coastline. Traditional styles or even cosmo wedding rituals fit in well with the relaxed atmosphere of Kerela. With the amazing cuisine varieties and local culture adding further spark, Kerela is the way to go for beach wedding destinations in India.

Let our hair down for a round of wedding fun. Beach weddings are hip and “in.”

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