5 Backyard Wedding Ideas on a Budget

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Weddings are magical, grand and mean the life for almost everybody. For the bride and the groom, their D Day comes with a lot of expectations interlaced, latent joy and blushy excitement. However, most couples find it hard to remain stress free while planning the big day. Especially, the wedding budget is a huge hang up and causes issues more often than not. We believe that you could remain relatively under budget once you decide to make your backyard the venue for your wedding! It is not a crazy thing- hordes of people opt for this choice. It also saves you fat bucks that would otherwise have gone down into reserving a venue. Here is how to spunk up a backyard wedding with tips on how to arrange everything else that is part of the wedding.

Backyard Wedding Ideas and Inspiration 

Backyard wedding ideas

Image via: rusticweddingchic.com

Rustic Theme

When it is your backyard, you have to keep a rustic old world feel as the wedding theme. Given that there is going to be a lot of nature around, it will be best to enhance those with lights or with superb entwining decor strings. Do not attempt to create a theme that is anti-nature for backyard weddings.

Wild Decor

We suggest going in for flower decorations for the entrance arch as well as ample use of flowers in the centerpieces. Use natural branches, twigs and wild blooms in crystal vases. Do not burn a fortune for a grand centerpiece. Backyard wedding ideas always mean bring off track yet simple.

Wedding Dress

You can go the quirky way here. Instead of donning the traditional dress, pick one that reflects the floral theme and wild you. Go in for maxi dresses. Your groom can wear a summer jacket with a bright colored bow.

BBQ Menu

Backyard weddings Ideas and inspiration

Image via: buzzfeed.com

It only seems natural to include barbecue items for your D-Day inspired by backyard wedding ideas. You can also throw in tacos, risotto and pasta for a global feel to the menu. Have ample of fish and sausage handy though! As for the drinks, sherry and quality wine works perfectly fine for a backyard wedding.

Leafy Favors

Choose to give your guests favors inspired from nature. Make small floral miniatures and go in for dry flower arrangements. Write out thank you-s on leaf shaped parchments. The idea is to base wedding favors on things you find around your backyard. You may even make maple shaped gift boxes and throw in a customized chocolate.

Backyard weddings do not necessarily cost a bomb. However, these need meticulous planning and well planned implementation. Spend some time planning it right and see how great your big day turns out to be!

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