5 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Bachelorette parties are a mandatory aspect of getting hitched. Since time immemorial, a bachelorette party has been seen and lauded as part of a distinct culture. Amid all the helter skelter of a wedding, such a custom lets the bride to rejuvenate. Also, it does give a wonderful opportunity for meeting up your closest gal pals uninhibited before turning Mrs. Here are some bachelorette party ideas that we suggest.

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Go On A Mini Trip

Given that you are exchanging vows sometime soon, you have the leverage to fly down with your gang and celebrate. Choose a beach, mountain or whatever destination and have a bonfire, girly eat outs and random shopping.

Hot factor- Chilled fun served with ice.

Not factor– Too much heck that needs perfect organization.

Sleepover Club

In a throwback to your good ol’ days of fun, huddle up for a sleepover bachelorette. Barely much organization here, the idea is to have fun, gossip and girly stuff. Get nostalgic, make new promises and vent your irritation over mocktails and pancakes. Yes, do not forget to wear PJs all the way.

Hot factor- Girly and clutter free.

Not factor- Stuck on at home.

Clubs And Bows

Weddings mean dressy rehearsals and boring reception speeches but that does not let you stop from having a wild club bachelorette party. Have a princess theme, bring on all fave food to the menu and throw yourself on the dance floor. Get high, chat like a mouse and don’t forget to put on your princess bow.

Hot factor– Classy and frolic-y fun!

Not factor– Burns a lot of money.

Trance Party

No, we don’t suggest crossing the lines here but a superb bachelorette party idea is going in for a theme style night in the hottest clothes you have. If guys can have their strip club fun, girls can have their naughty ideas too. You can do this in a local privately booked lounge with barbeque for the night.

Hot factor– Naughty and de-stressing.

Not factor– Could be a dare for some pals.

Spa Day And Luncheon 

What better way to spend a day at the spa with your girlfriends, right before marriage? Indulge in some “you” time and chatter away with the girls just like your college days. Get a mud wrap, fruit facials and chocolate massage—there is no limit here. After the de-stressing session, head to a fave restaurant for a late lunch.

Hot factor– A stress buster.

Not factor– Hardly much!

Got any more bachelorette party ideas? Let us know. However, make sure they are quirky, crazy and truly bachelorette level!

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