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Budget centerpiece ideas

With such budget centerpiece ideas for a summer wedding reception, your day could only get better. What’s even better is that these are fuss free and DIY in most cases. Try your hand at these and make your guests go gaga over the unique appeal in these ideas.


Budget Wedding Invitations

Weddings mean fun, anticipation and constant activity. While weddings are all hunky dory, planning it around a budget could be a task in itself. Getting the best things on a limited wallet involves quick thinking and proper planning. As for the integral wedding invites, good news is that your task gets easy if you opt for these lovely ideas to create inexpensive wedding invitations for your guests.

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How to hire a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is deemed as a necessary requirement for just about any wedding. However, there are still many couples and families that barely understand the importance of hiring a wedding photographer. Not many know, however, that hiring one is not as easy as it sounds. Check out few vital tips for hiring a wedding photographer without making a mess.


Stained Glass Peacock Theme Cake

Peacock weddings have been a fascinator ever since the theme made way into wedding culture. While the bright hues, the vibrant style and the ample creative nuances involved with a peacock theme wedding are wonderful, the peacock wedding cake is one aspect we simply drool over. While it might seem tough to choose a cake in such a theme over the traditional wedding cakes, here are few ideas we bet you will love.


Matches might be made in heaven but weddings occur on Earth. Truly, only a photographer who knows this truth can capture moments from a wedding true to the core. Michele M Waite’s coverage of this wonderful and exquisite wedding at The Leela Palace Udaipur is a notch above anything else you will see again. Take a look.


Regal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

Destination weddings in India have a synonym– Udaipur. Some call it the zenith, some call it the high point but we call Udaipur the most regal among wedding venues across the country. Here are the top wedding venues in Udaipur that are not just grand– but constitute an all new royal level for those looking to pick a destination wedding venue in India.


Destination Wedding Planner

Destination weddings are a choice modern day couples are making due to the beauty and conveniences attached. However, when you hire an event planner for your destination D-day, it never can get better than this!


Bangalore wedding photography

Ever heard of a quirky wedding done up in style that replicates a fairytale? Well, our featured Bangalore wedding reflects just that. Take a look!


Beach wedding in India

Indians are waking up to the concept of beach weddings as much as non-natives are flying into the country to have impeccable wedding receptions on the golden beaches here. Organizing a beach wedding is not easy but if the right venue is picked, you can rely on having a great D-day for sure. Here are the top three beach wedding destinations in India that can sparkle your wedding day up.


Simple Indian Wedding

This wedding at Kanpur was wonderful not because it was simple but because it derive grandeur with its roots. The grungy feel, the merriment stamped on faces of all neighbours of the bride, were essential to capture. Where have we left these real moments in big city weddings today? Let us take you through this simple and emotionally colorful wedding of Dhruva and Sneha brilliantly captured by world class wedding photographer Rishabh Agarwalfollow.