Wedding Themes

Nautical Theme Wedding

Nautical theme wedding has always been a popular trend when it comes to planning a summer nuptial and it’s not hard to see why. In fact, it’s a great way to combine all your love for sea with the people you love. Nautical (if done right) can be a chic and elegant theme for your wedding day. Here are some ideas to pull it off effectively.


Valentine's Day Wedding

Only a true romantic would plan Valentine’s Day wedding. It’s a day that epitomizes love. If you are unsure about how to pull off the theme with grace, incorporate these touches for a truly inspiring day. Image via: Color Palette Red and pink are the traditional colors for the Valentine’s Day. You can choose to […]



What says romance more than saying, “I do” on the day of love? And if you are choosing Valentine’s Day to tie the knot, it just makes sense to reflect the romance of both day and the event with the traditional pop of color, like red or pink, or even both. Begin with appropriate stationary. […]


New Year's Eve Wedding Favor

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful choice for a wedding date. Your guests arrive for the ceremony already in the partying mood. Let this celebration continue by giving your guests cute favors as a way to thank them for coming. If you are lucky enough to be planning a New Year’s Eve wedding this season, here are some wonderful favor ideas for you.


Christmas theme couple

Weddings turn magical when planned around the Christmas season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year; your loved ones are gathered around you, and the churches are already decorated. Here are some ideas to mark the holiday into your wedding. Also, be sure check these ideas for planning a comfortable winter wedding, it might […]


Peacock wedding theme

If you are looking to plan your big day around the vibrant hues of the majestic peacock, you are on the right post. With the bold color palette, peacock wedding theme makes everything look, lavish, royal, and, elegant. Apart from being a hot trend, this theme takes you away from the traditional setting, making your […]