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How to Plan a Garden Wedding

If you are lucky enough to have a gorgeous garden of your own, and are considering it as your wedding venue, there are certain practical aspects you cannot overlook. We point you some tips for planning your own garden wedding successfully.


How to hire a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is deemed as a necessary requirement for just about any wedding. However, there are still many couples and families that barely understand the importance of hiring a wedding photographer. Not many know, however, that hiring one is not as easy as it sounds. Check out few vital tips for hiring a wedding photographer without making a mess.


Summer wedding ideas and inspiration

Summer has a distinct feel about it—vibrant, colorful and relaxing! And in case you have planned to tie the knot this summer, you could not have timed it better. Here is a quick peek into the best summer wedding ideas on almost anything you could even remotely connect to a wedding.


Wedding Planning Stress

Stress busters are much welcome before marriage. When you have an elaborate wedding to plan and each bit seems awry, there is no better way than stumbling upon expert tips to keep yourself stress free before your wedding. Weddings need planning and careful execution yet each rule book advises to plan minus extra stress. Here are the top wedding planning tips that will stand you in good stead!


Essential wedding registry tips

With your wedding bells set to ring soon, there are tons of aspects to be handled. Among the trickiest and most worthwhile of these is the wedding registry bit. It is not every sunny day that you kith and kin shower you with gifts of your choice. Therefore, keep these wedding registry tips in mind to make the best of these lucky bits that your wedding entails.


Family Pet: How to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Day

A wedding ceremony is indeed the best day for our life, inviting every friend and extended family members are a part of the parcel. Stop right there and give it a thought, how about the only soul that jumps out in joy and is always ready to cross oceans for you? Yes, am talking about the friendly paws and furs, that swirls around you day in and out. Here are impressive pointers, on how to include your family pet as a distinguished guest of honor.

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Weddings are incomplete without flowers and blooms. The fragrance, color and feel of wedding flowers not only add zing to a marriage but also ups the decor, elegance and appeal of your D-Day. However, all said and done, wedding flowers could eat up into the whole budget. More so, they also eat up into a whole lot of time with the elaborate planning involved. Check out 3 easy ways to save big on the wedding flower front.


Backyard wedding ideas

Backyard weddings do not necessarily cost a bomb. However, these need meticulous planning and well planned implementation. Here is how to spunk it up and arrange everything else that is part of the wedding.


Free wedding website

A wedding website is a great way for you to share the happy news and declare your wedding to the world. Here are some helpful tips to create a beautiful free wedding website.


Indian wedding tips

Invited to an Indian wedding but don’t know what to expect, how to dress, or what to gift? Well, to put your curiosity at bay, we have enlisted some basic Indian wedding etiquette that will help you sail smooth through the ceremonies and enjoy the traditional experience at the same time.