8 Tips for Planning a Perfect Beach Wedding

by Anchal Bhatia

When you picture a beach wedding, it conjures up images of cool breeze, soft sand, and a breath taking sunset in the distance. But does your vision also include nosy onlookers, mosquitoes, or the rushing wind ruining your hairstyle? Outdoor or beach weddings come with additional caveats and pitfalls, so to help you stay worry-free while taking vows on the sand, we point you some tips to consider.

Beach wedding tips

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Have a Backup Plan

Unfortunately, weather has its own mood, so be ready with a solid plan B. An ideal beach wedding location must have an indoor location waiting just in case. A tent or a canopy is a great option, but make sure that it is sturdy enough and has thick and weighted sides so that it won’t flip over.

Dress Accordingly

Unlike traditional nuptials, beach weddings are more casual, laid-back, and relaxed. So, make sure to reflect that attitude in your wedding dress too. The idea is to find a gown that feels as beautiful and breezy as your surroundings. Consider a shorter or cocktail length dress fabricated from light, flowing material that breathes. But if your heart is set on a traditional satin or lace full-length gown, be prepared for it to show some wear and tear.

Also, make sure to tell your hairstylist that you will be having a beach wedding so he/she can do a style that won’t leave you looking like a Cousin Itt!

Ditch the Heels

Sand and heels just don’t work together. So, ditch the heels and wear espadrilles, flat sandals or wedges. Alternatively, you can have a barefoot ceremony and still dress up your feet with classy beach wedding barefoot sandals. But as sand can get pretty hot, make sure to have an aisle runner made of thick flower petals or fabric to help keep your feet cool.

Can Everybody Hear?

You have spent so much time writing your vows and personalizing your big day, so be sure your audio does not get lost against the roaring of the waves. Look into renting a wireless sound system for the bride, groom, and the officiant. Also, do check the clarity of the sound prior to the ceremony to ensure everything is in place.

Keep it Short

Considering factors like heat and audibility, limit the amount of performances and readings during the ceremony. Also, advise all the participants to speak clearly and loudly.

Bug Off

You don’t want your guests scratching or waving bugs away throughout the ceremony. So be sure to have the wedding location sprayed two days before the event. You can also use citronella candles as an alternative.


Ensure that all your beach wedding plans meet with local ordinances. Get the required permits, inspections and be certain to meet the electrical requirements. If the wedding will take place in somewhat secluded or remote area, have phone numbers of police department, fire department and medical assistance handy in case of emergency.

Powder Room

Marrying on a public beach? Find out if there are restrooms. If not, rent an upscale portable lavatory for few hours.

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