5 Tips to Plan a Perfect Lesbian Wedding

by Anchal Bhatia

Heterosexual or homo; wedding is a commitment of love and can be anything from refined to extravagant and simple to elegant. The most important aspect is that it should mirror your personality and style as a couple. While there are no rules for planning or celebrating a lesbian wedding, you have an advantage to stay as close to or as far from traditional weddings. To make sure that everything falls in place, here are some tips to plan a perfect lesbian wedding.

Plan a perfect lesbian wedding

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Lesbian Wedding Invitations

Whether you plan to host a wedding with lots of guests or keep it an intimate affair, wedding invitations come first on the list. As yours is a homosexual nuptial, it’s a great idea to make your invites gay oriented. Display your happy, loving partnership with a personalized picture-wedding card or show off your union with a bright rainbow colored invitation. Another interesting idea is to opt-in for a dark colored background with silhouettes or titles (Mrs & Mrs) printed.

Lesbian Wedding Destinations

Due to the steadily increasing stream of countries legalizing same-sex marriages, lesbian couples can now look forward to having a destination wedding. You may also choose to combine your wedding and honeymoon and call it a “weddingmoon.” Some of the best lesbian wedding destinations across the globe include Montpellier, France, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Camden, Maine, Madrid, Spain. So, if you are up for romantic and a memorable experience, go for a wedding and stay for a honeymoon!

Lesbian Wedding Attire

There aren’t any set rules for gay wedding outfits; you should choose to wear whatever feels right for you. You may skip the typical suit idea and create your own matching wedding attire or for a more formal affair, butch and femme style can never go wrong. Just remember that your wedding attire will be documented more than anything else, so it’s important that it complements your personality and looks your style.

Lesbian Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is not just a piece of jewel it is a commitment of your love so, it’s important to ensure that you have chosen a perfect ring for your significant other. Ring with a rainbow flag is a common but a great way to express your loyalty towards your lesbian partner. It is considered as a symbol of pride and always makes a wonderful lesbian wedding ring. Alternatively, Venus symbol bands representing the female, and power of womanhood in general or matching rings with your initials engraved are some superb options.

Lesbian Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a wonderful way to thank your guests for their love, support, and approval. Mark your union with special lesbian wedding favors like rainbow flags, Personalized Love Wins Candle Favor Tins or Love Wins Stemless Wine Glass. You may also choose to go with hinged mint tins in a stylish bridal gown design or make a delicious sweet reminder by personalizing it with your name and date of the union. In the end, whatever you choose for your big day, what matters the most is that you as a couple should feel great and happy about it.

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