5 Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces

by Satarupa Bhattacharya

Depending on the size of your wedding reception, centerpieces could cost you a fortune. If you are on the hunt for ways to cut costs then these 5 DIY wedding centerpieces will serve your purpose well. Did we say they are beautiful, classy, and elegant too?

Easy DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Image via: lovemydress.net

Go Beady

You read that right. Forget blooms and bling, go for shiny bead structures. They could come in multiple forms and colors. Insert the beaded sticks into crystal vases and be mesmerized at the effect. You can innovative with fish bowls instead of vases and fill these with hydrangea replicas or crystal beads. The special kind of beads that swell up when immersed in water work well for weddings.

Rustic DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Move over flowers and fancy decoration. Go for a rustic centerpiece. Strip twigs off their leaves and blooms and coat those with glitter paint. Simply bunch up asymmetrical pieces at random and insert them into long stemmed vases for a dazzling effect.

Candle Story

Candle DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Image via: Pinterest

Candles can be arranged in variedly shaped stands to double as an accessory or centerpiece. You may even get fondue or cake stand and light candles of various heights. Adorn with a baby’s breath wreath for added effect. This will not just be a wonderfully simple DIY centerpiece but also add a romantic feel when guests feast at the tables.

Go Offbeat

Try trays and crystal stands or even a cake stand as a base for your centerpiece ideas. You need to remember that DIY wedding centerpieces are best when off beat. You may add paper hand cut flowers onto the stand or do up play dough shapes. Choose dominant colors that are attractive and look bright even when balanced on simple bases. The one trick here is to keep multiple pieces without causing a pile on effect.

Glass It Up

Wine Glass Pyramid DIY Wedding centerpiece

Image via: diy-enthusiasts.com

Use wine glasses in clever arrangements to create a wonderful centerpiece. You may create a glass mountain and spray stay on dew on the surface for a brilliant effect. You can even use the glasses in a pyramid frame to make your centerpiece simple yet grand. While it works great for just about any theme or season, this centerpiece idea is simply perfect for the Marsala themed wedding.

Sparkle It Up Naturally 

Use sparkly stone, natural rock pieces and golden foil to create a DIY centerpiece wonder. Club up these stones and rest them on hard golden foil. Create 10 each of these pieces and put them all atop the other on the table. You may use a transparent beam to support the arrangement. You may even add stones and shells together in wide transparent vases and entwine the structure with string lights.

Without all the fuss over costly centerpieces, there now exists an innovative way to pick the best and brightest of centerpieces.

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