4 Popular Destinations for Lesbian Weddings

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With the tide of support for same-sex marriage sweeping the United States, it won’t be long before marriage equality is the law of the land in the majority of the country. With that fact in tow, dream destinations for lesbian weddings are popping up across the globe. Here are four ideal locations around the world for lesbian couples to exchange their vows.

Lesbian Destination Weddings

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Montpellier, France

In the southern region of what is perhaps the most romantic nation in the world, Montpellier is known as France’s gay capital. The equivalent of the United States’ San Francisco or Greenwich Village, Montpellier has a vibrant and gay-friendly community with an artsy, young, and trendy vibe. The city is a cultural hubbub with a plethora of nearby vineyards (among France’s best) and a spectacular geographical location. Summertime is perfect for a wedding given the warm Mediterranean weather and cultural activities (including one of the largest musical festivals in France) during that season. After a picturesque wedding near the seashore, tours of medieval architecture, art shows, and wine tasting make the city one of the best in France for brides and their guests to enjoy. Lesbian couples are drawn to Montpellier because of its thriving gay community, tolerant attitudes, and beautiful setting.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

This denizens of this popular resort town call Rehoboth Beach “The Nation’s Summer Capital,” given its draw of vacationers and tourists from neighboring Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. With tax-free shopping zones, scenic boardwalk, beautiful and large beaches, eclectic shops and stands, delightful amusement park, and all-around small town charm, Rehoboth Beach is a beloved destination for all visitors; the gay-friendly atmosphere makes this location especially alluring for lesbian weddings. True to its hospitable and accepting reputation, Rehoboth Beach has more gay-owned and gay-operated businesses than most getaway locations on the east coast and also has a gay-frequented stretch locally known as Poodle Beach. With gay marriage being introduced to Delaware, this already awesome resort location becomes all the more appealing for lesbian weddings or honeymoons.

Camden, Maine

With same-sex marriage being legal in Maine as of 2012, the state has become a hotspot for same-sex marriages and honeymoons. While many couples journeyed to the city hall of Portland to get marriage licenses, a short trip north to Camden offers one of the best locations for lesbian weddings in the world. The small resort town is nestled on the bay with beauteous views to be had all around. With a very wealthy and gay-friendly demographic, Camden has a great vibe for same-sex couples and the coastline begs to be photographed from all angles. Amenities include a plethora of bed-and-breakfasts, high-quality hotels, and the Camden Hills State Park. Popular for heterosexual couples for many decades, there’s no reason why Camden can’t be the next hotspot for lesbian brides and their well-wishers.

Madrid, Spain

Despite the common association of Spanish history with that of the Catholic Church, Spain was one of the first countries to legalize same-sex marriage, doing so in 2005. Since then, the people of the Iberian nation have consistently ranked at the top of international polls regarding acceptance of homosexuality, a fact that bodes well for its possibility as a location for same-sex marriages. The lively and energetic nature of Spanish culture and temperament make traveling through the capital city delightful. With cherished medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture, Madrid is a tourist wonder with amazing art and historical artifacts. A lesbian wedding in or around Madrid is sure to be a masterpiece, with fantastic wine options, delectable food, amazing sights, and lovely people—few other cities in the world are as romantic and magical.

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