3 Honeymoon Destinations that are Off the Beaten Path

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When it comes to a fantastic honeymoon that you and your spouse will remember for decades to come, tried and true isn’t always a safe bet. Instead of going with a traditional (read: played out) destination, try one of these three off-the-beaten-path locations and have the honeymoon experience of a lifetime.

The Maldives

Maldives is Off the Beaten Path honeymoon destination

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Near India and Sri Lanka, this tiny nation made up of thousands of islands is a timeless location for a honeymoon. There are miles upon miles of stunning beaches and island beauty, the local residents are hospitable and friendly, and the attractions are fantastic by day or night. Thousands of tourists come to the Maldives each year for the scuba diving opportunities, which are some of the best in the world. In some of the bluest water you’ll ever see with your own eyes, you can dive among countless atolls and coral reefs. As only one percent of the Maldives is land, there are plenty of places to go for a dive.

On top of scuba diving, look to spend your days in glamorous day spas, traveling around the islands on an affordable boat rental, and partying with other tourists in the popular hotspots located near the resorts. After you’ve spent your energy with fun activities during the day, you can retire to one of the secluded, quiet, and romantic resorts for a night of bliss with your new wife or husband. One popular type of housing for newlyweds are private bungalows located right on the water.

While a honeymoon stay in the Maldives may not be the cheapest proposition—one of the more expensive destinations in Asia, in fact—it will be a once-in-a-lifetime visit filled with stunning views, wonderful activities, and passionate nights. The most difficult part of your time in the Maldives will be forcing yourself to leave this paradise.

African Safari

African Safari is Off the Beaten Path honeymoon destination

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If you want an authentically exotic and special honeymoon, consider a safari across Africa. Throughout the massive continent, there are many countries that make exceptional honeymoon destinations. On the eastern coast of Africa, Tanzania is one of the best locations you can choose with an excellent mix of luscious forests and scenic beach fronts. The country also has some of the most luxurious resorts and amenities on the continent.

Another excellent choice is Zanzibar. With pristine beaches and incredible coral reefs to dive and explore, the fantastic island has much to attract you. In Zanzibar, you can even get off the grid and scour unexplored and uninhabited islands if you really need to get away from it all with your newlywed.

If you prefer the natural majesty and privacy of the wilderness to beaches and resorts, be sure to consider Botswana. You and your newlywed can sneak off to remote wilderness camps or lodges, or even enjoy the beauty of the famous Victoria Falls. As a less-traveled nation, Botswana offers excellent bargain prices and is a great option for a safari honeymoon if you’re an adventurous couple.

In these and many more African nations, you and your newly joined spouse can enjoy opulent luxuries for cheaper prices; from wildlife parks and premier spas to lodges and private locales, the continent has much to offer for the perfect honeymoon.

Lapland, Finland

Lapland is Off the Beaten Path honeymoon destination

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When you think of classic honeymoon locations, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean likely come to mind—Scandinavia is probably not high on your list. When it comes to off-the-beaten-path honeymoon destinations, however, the Lapland region of Finland is one of the best.

Despite the extreme cold, you and your new spouse will definitely keep warm as you go on dog sled rides, rent out snowmobiles, go skiing, tour beauteous fjords, eat delicious food, and fraternize with some of the friendliest locals you’ll find across the planet. Many of your fellow tourists will likely be Europeans, but you’ll find many friendly locals and tourists alike who speak English and will make you feel at home.

Honeymooning in Lapland, Finland is one of the most affordable options in Europe because it is remote and not well known. While going on a veritable safari through the arctic wastes, warming up in a sauna, or watching the Northern Lights from your cabin window, you’ll find this alternative honeymoon destination one of the best you could ask for.

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