Marsala Pantone Color of the Year Wedding Inspiration

Recently, Pantone crowned Marsala as its 2015 color of the year. And like always, we think this is a hue that will work beautifully when it comes to so many wedding related details- invitations, decorations, flowers, favors, and more. Here are some interesting ideas to incorporate Marsala into your wedding.


Wedding Planning Stress

Stress busters are much welcome before marriage. When you have an elaborate wedding to plan and each bit seems awry, there is no better way than stumbling upon expert tips to keep yourself stress free before your wedding. Weddings need planning and careful execution yet each rule book advises to plan minus extra stress. Here are the top wedding planning tips that will stand you in good stead!


Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette parties are a mandatory aspect of getting hitched. Since time immemorial, a bachelorette party has been seen and lauded as part of a distinct culture. Amid all the helter skelter of a wedding, such a custom lets the bride to rejuvenate. Also, it does give a wonderful opportunity for meeting up your closest gal pals uninhibited before turning Mrs.


Essential wedding registry tips

With your wedding bells set to ring soon, there are tons of aspects to be handled. Among the trickiest and most worthwhile of these is the wedding registry bit. It is not every sunny day that you kith and kin shower you with gifts of your choice. Therefore, keep these wedding registry tips in mind to make the best of these lucky bits that your wedding entails.


Mix and match bridesmaid dress

While the bridal dress obviously takes the center stage, bridesmaid fashion also plays an essential role in the overall look and feel of your wedding. To help inspire you and your ‘maids, we have put together the hottest trends to be worn for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Here we go.


Appy Couple-a wedding app and a wedding website

Weddings are a dream but not always blissfully smooth in terms of the prep story. From memories to arrangements there are tons of things entangled with a wedding. Perhaps this could get to your nerves given that your wedding is all about YOU. Taking such a scenario as its basis, Appy Couple has arrived into the wedding world much like an angel.


Spring wedding favors

How nice it is to be remembered? Especially, whenever the guests look at the unique wedding favors given honoring their presence. It is pretty vital to use the creative mind and eyes, to pick the right gift. If you are confused, don’t worry, here are 7 hand-picked spring wedding favors that you can choose without any hesitation because it is awesome and impeccable.


Spring wedding flowers

Spring signals a lovely feel, a fresh tinge and a whip of being bubbly. However, when it comes to spring flowers, there are umpteen ways of arranging these in creative ways. Incorporate the blooms in your wedding theme, centerpiece and even in the bridal bouquets. Check out the best and trending spring wedding flower arrangements.


Family Pet: How to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Day

A wedding ceremony is indeed the best day for our life, inviting every friend and extended family members are a part of the parcel. Stop right there and give it a thought, how about the only soul that jumps out in joy and is always ready to cross oceans for you? Yes, am talking about the friendly paws and furs, that swirls around you day in and out. Here are impressive pointers, on how to include your family pet as a distinguished guest of honor.

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Engagement party ideas

Now that your courtship has reached a point of fruition, you need to finally say yes to his proposal. When the plans are laid and the ground is strong, why not plan the perfect engagement party that not just lets you say yes but also gets you to revel in your romance. Of course, in a way you never imagined. Check out our five sizzling ideas for the engagement party and go all out while exchanging rings.


Edible Wedding Favors: Give Them a Bite to Remember!

Edible wedding favor ideas

Weddings are indeed the most incredible day of anyone’s life; it brings together family and friends to celebrate love. The arrangements, food, fun and finally the beautiful wedding attracts everyone regardless of age. After all this, there is one key, which is pretty more important; that’s wedding favors. It’s been a tiring process to think of the right one, this season, how about trying some edible wedding favors?

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